Marty’s Place in Kimberly WI

(Him) Out first entry focuses on our hometown joint Marty’s Place. Marty’s is your traditional Wisconsin supper club. It sits across from the abandoned mill and I’m sure the mill closing has an adverse affect on the number of patrons attending on a Friday night. You enter into a very small dimly lit bar which uses a large mirror to trick you into believing it’s bigger than it is. The hostess did not seem very courteous and the main bartender was a matter of fact type of fellow. When I asked about the history I was informed it was established in the 70’s and when I inquired further I was directed to 3 pictures on the wall. The pictures showed a very old corner store meat market. No further details learned. Perhaps it was the hospitality that was the reason for the sparse crowd. I ordered a ham and cheese stuffed beef tenderloin that was deep fried. There was an appetizer bar that offered little to the picky eater and I picked up a small portion of cold noodle Italian salad. I also picked up some cheese spread and plain bread sticks. Nothing to write home about. The homemade Russian dressing I had for my salad contained onions so that soured my mood a bit. It took a while to get a different dressing. Eventually I got a very tasty Italian dressing that made up for the prior onion laden attempt. Our view was of the closed mill. the place was clean enough. the water seemed offensive at first however I got used to it and eagerly wanted more but the chance never came. They served a homemade loaf of bread which was by far the highlight of the meal. I wolfed 3/4 of it down with good grasslands butter- my favorite. The steak was very decadent. The fried outside was very salty, almost like fried chicken skin. The french fries were superb however I was already too full to focus on them. The steak wasn’t that great however when the 3 ingredients came together it was very satisfying. I’d give my dining experience there a 6.87. -GR
(As a side note, the bartender followed us out to our car under the belief we took the bill/receipt)

I’d pretty much agree with everything that was said by Greg.  Like most supper clubs, the focus was not on getting you in and out.   No real attempt was made to welcome us as newcomers even though my hubby loudly announced he was a first timer.  Menus were given to us at the bar once they noticed we were only drinking soda and ice tea.  The first thing I noticed was the escargot option as an appetizer.  I will eat anything and I’m certainly not the picky eater my husband is, but I’m not adventurous enough to have my first experience with escargot to be some thawed out snails at a dying supper club in Kimberly.  The foodie in me decided to wait until the time was more right.  All in all, the menu was pretty typical and I ordered the baked haddock.  The appetizer bar wasn’t really notable.  The french onion soup was alright, but they set down some silver Parmesan cheese caddy in front of me filled with Kraft-style grated Parmesan powder.  (again, maybe I’m too spoiled by the fact that I can have freshly grated parm at any of my meals at home) I mean, c’mon you couldn’t even melt a piece of cheese over the top of your soup and go the extra mile?  The haddock portion was about 10 oz. and was typical in that it was covered in paprika with some clarified butter on the side.  I ordered a veggie option instead of potatoes and don’t really know what I was thinking.  Once you are used to maxing out on fresh veggies and fruit every day,  green beans from a can just don’t impress.  The loaf of bread they gave us was definitely the highlight of the meal, the crust was thick and buttery deliciousness.  Unfortunately, by the time I thought about having my 3rd slice, Greg had polished that off!  The more supper clubs I go to, the more I learn not to expect much from them.  This one definitely catered to the older crowd who obviously doesn’t expect much.  I overheard an elderly woman raving about the chicken Parmesan and it seemed like maybe there was a bright spot.  I quickly realized however that she’d never had chicken parm before and thought the place had invented it.  If I was rating this place, I’d give the food a 5 and the experience a 4.–CR


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