Taco Loco #2 in South Beloit, IL

:  I have no idea where Taco Loco #1 is located or if it even exists, and I have  never been inside Taco Loco #2.  I’ve driven past it many times on the way to my in-laws house down the road.  It’s located on Shirland Avenue which is the state line that runs through Beloit and South Beloit.  It’s located next to an equally scary looking Mexican grocery store and the whole area is all liquor stores and barracks style houses–a tad seedy.  Anyway, there’s a place in Green Bay called Taco Burrito Mexico that I’ve been going to for 15 years or something crazy like that and this place is very comparable to my beloved TBM.  Greg picks up the food for me so I’ve never seen the menu and I just have to go by what he brings home.  It’s become kind of a payoff for being at his in-laws by myself while he visits a friend.  Anyway, the food is very authentic. (read this as “they have goats in the backyard and goat on the menu”–a quote from Verl, my father in-law)  I usually get some guacamole and a burrito and the prices are amazing.  The guacamole is squashed to order and the avocado pit is given as garnish (some guac connoisseurs believe it keeps the guac from turning brown).  The burrito has all the fixings right inside:  meat of your choice, rice, beans, cheese, etc. and it is HUGE.  I have always gotten “al pastor” as my meat choice.  It’s heavily seasoned pork cooked on a spit like gyro meat.  Like most Mexican recipes, the seasoning blend is unique to the individual making it and kept pretty secret.  I will say that the last time Greg brought me home a burrito though, I swear it was goat–it was pretty gamey tasting.   Whatever–they probably had some extra goats to get rid of and thought I wouldn’t notice.  Either that, or Greg needs to bone up on his Spanish before he orders.  I usually go Christmas on my sauces and put the red hot and verde (mild green)  sauce on top.  Both sauces are seemingly homemade and delicious.  You can also get the pickled HOT veggies, but they are a little bit too much for me.  When this place tells you something is hot, they mean it.  Also, when they tell you to duck as someone drives by–you should probably do that too.  My rating would be a 8.53  for food and a 8.87 for scariness factor.  !Viva  Mexico!
I don’t eat here much. It’s usually a pick up for Cory as I feel guilty while I leave her alone for hours at a time with my mother as I visit my friend Bryan. I pray each time this sweetens her mood upon my return. It usually works. I usually get gutsy with my order choices (heck, I’m not eating it) and my attempt at ordering pork neck very well could have been construed as goat. I have a tendency to mumble and the lady gave me one of those uncomfortable smiles and acted like I knew what I was doing.  Or perhaps she was fooling both of us. At least you can see them preparing and cooking the food so that must be a good thing right? I keep going back here as my friend Sumpter sells them chicken nuggets so it’s more of a loyalty thing. It usually occurs after the fact that I should order his product at some point so he can maintain the account. As a side note I always enjoy the goings on outside the joint as I see various gang bangers going in out of the liquor store buying copious amounts of alcohol. I get introduced to snippets of the newest rap songs as they pull up and drive away. So I can maintain my relevancy in the music underground.Food – I give a N/A. The experience I give a Beloit 9.0. – GR


2 responses to “Taco Loco #2 in South Beloit, IL

  1. I believe it is el Pastor…not al. Al Pastor “may” have been the name of one of their goats, thus the mix-up.
    I love a burrito that has everything inside and am not so much in love with TBM here in GB WI. I’m almost tempted to drive to Beloit because of this awesome write up! Except my burrito would cost like $95 with the price of gas included.
    Muy bueno

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