Foggy Memories: The Skyview Club in Kaukauna, WI

(Him) So I’ll go over some joints in Foggy Memories we’ve been to that will probably not see the likes of us again. I’ll try to give a honest review, but there’s a reason we won’t be going back so my memory may be a tad  jaded.
The first place we’ll discuss is The Skyview Club in Kaukauna, WI. We visited this place about 19 days ago or so.  I really had high hopes  for this place, as Cory was keen on it due to reviews she read.  I’m the first to admit that I am a sucker for hype .   It was difficult to locate and we passed it by in the dark of night. Once we got there I noticed it had a swanky outdoor sign–so it had that going for it.  Once entering though, all hope diminished as it had the aura of a bar and grill and that soured my mood. Now don’t get wrong, I like a bar and grill as much as the next guy however, the sign LIED to me and I can be unforgiving.

The place was packed enough at the eight o’clock hour that I knew immediate seating was not a possibility.  The hostess did not bother to take our name as all she needed to know was how many in the party. This perplexed me a bit but I decided to go with the flow.  I ordered up some drinks at the bar and the help was extremely helpful. The bartender  let me know that canned soda was a much better deal than the tap. I almost purchased a glass with the swanky logo but I figured  the $2 investment would be an impulse buy.  When talking to the bartender, I asked her how the hostess would remember who was due next for table.  She informed me that the hostess would write a description of your group and you be located that way.  I could only imagine what she would write for me.  Perhaps “Stylish Obese Guy” or “the couple with matching glasses”.  Imagine my disappointment when I later read the ticket and it said “Brown Hat”.  I’m just a brown hat to these folks. I perused the menu to find the only steak options to be tenderloin or ribeye. These steaks are the known enemy of picky eaters everywhere so I decided to go  with a french dip.  Eventually,  a waitress came by  for our order.  She really lacked enthusiasm and she mumbled more than me.

We were eventually seated in a smallish dining area.  It was bright and was not at all the supper club venue I had hoped for.  All I remember about my  french dip was that it was bland and tasteless. Even the au jus was bland. The place proudly announces “We Are Now Smoke Free” on their website,  I would think “We Are now Salt Free” would be a better fit. The highlight of the meal was watching Cory munch on a frog leg that looked like  it had a sock and leg warmer on.  It really was a fit leg most likely due to all the aerobics it must have done before getting caught.  I can’t recall anything else about my meal.
Food 2.1 Atmosphere 3.5 Bartender 9.9

(Her) In The Skyview’s defense, it was hard to find because neither of us bothered to get directions.   Their website does a nice job of mapping out directions for everyone.  You see, between our house and Kaukauna there are approximately 6 supper clubs.  We figured it was one of those we pass all the time and we were wrong.  We ended up stopping at 2 different gas stations and no one seemed to know where the joint was.  The Oshkosh Northwestern did a poll asking for names of places that were out of the way but that people would not give up going to, even though gas prices were high.  Someone commented on  this place specifically mentioning their fish and frog legs. That’s the recommendation I was going on.  The bar and dining area are recently redone.  I didn’t see what it looked like before, but I’m thinking that the lean away from the supper club look may have been intentional.

I didn’t really see anything on the menu that tripped my trigger so I ordered the platter that had a little bit of everything including the aforementioned frog legs.  I really don’t like frog legs.  I blame the Muppet Movie.  I don’t generally like my food to resemble the animal it came from.  Anyway, I sucked it up and took one for the team because the menu specifically said “no substitutions”.  The platter contained a good mix of everything from the menu including perch, haddock, shrimp, scallops, and the ever looming frogs’ legs.   The menu stated that the fish and legs were all hand breaded.  When I had asked the bar waitress what the breading was she told me it was “saltines”.  Ahhh, I love Wisconsin.  We are a simple and stoic breed.  With raving reviews like that, who can go wrong?

We were seated once our food was ready in a room with a drop ceiling that was not at all intimate and looked like someone had just set up some tables and chairs for card club.  Our second waitress was really just there to bring food, she didn’t seem at all interested in interacting with us.  Then again, the hubby can do a great job of being overly jovial and chatty with wait staff and sometimes they just don’t know how to take it.  The place wasn’t really all that busy.  She could have thrown some friendliness our way.

The first thing I noticed about my meal was the GIANT FROG LEGS staring at me.  I decided to just buck up and try them right away.  They don’t taste like chicken.  Anyone that has told you that has lied.  I’d describe them as vaguely fishy tasting.  They seemed well prepared, not overcooked, very tender and juicy.   I should note that I have a very weak stomach and I’m predisposed to nausea so I really shouldn’t be the judge on this one. Just typing all those adjectives makes me queasy.  It’s not easy being green. The rest of the food was ok.  I always wish for food to be served at it’s best and I’m not convinced that the only way to serve seafood is fried or blandly baked.  When you are a supper club, you only serve supper.  It should be the best damn supper you can muster, not what people have come to expect.  The love just wasn’t there.  The coleslaw was homemade and it was the best part of the meal.  I wished I had more coleslaw.  I added copious amounts of lemon to everything else and saved the second meaty frog leg for the dog–who apparently thought she had died and gone to heaven and ate the heck out of that frog–legwarmers and all.
Food Rating 6.87  Ambiance 4.93  (The dog gives it a 10)


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