Beefeaters British Grille & Ale House in Appleton, Wisconsin : The Boss pays for lunch

(Him)  Started a new job on Monday and was treated to lunch by my new boss to celebrate my arrival. So at the last moment my boss changed her mind from El Azteca to Beefeaters and away we went.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of items offered on the menu, and the price ranged from affordable to über expensive.   Although my boss was paying,  I did not take advantage and went light on my order.   I also didn’t want to fill up too much as I already passed gas in front of some of the other department heads I had met earlier in the day. So I went with the Jameson Chicken Sandwich.   It was billed as a ” Grilled chicken breast served on a toasted bun with pesto mayo with a hint of Jameson Irish Whiskey”.
My boss also ordered a combo platter that contained spicy chicken wings and Mozzarella sticks that had the best beer batter I ever done had.
My sandwich was quite tasty.   The homemade chips that accompanied were standard fare.  My boss’s fried fish looked delectable, however she made no comment on the tastiness of said meal.   A co-worker ordered Shepard’s Pie and was annoyed there was no bottom crust.  (perhaps she was thinking potpie?)  There was also a large bee that interrupted the meal two times.  The uninvited bee landed on one of my co-worker’s head and she screamed.
My female coworkers raved what a cutie our inexperienced waiter was, I have no comment on the matter.
Food 7.89, Atmosphere including a British pub theme,  dreamy waiter and stinger laden insect 4.27


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