Vacation Haikus

We recently returned from our trip to Colorado where we enjoyed a ballgame in Denver, hiked the sand dunes, went whitewater rafting and enjoyed all kinds of odd little roadside attractions. We usually plan out our meals on vacation, but this time we were staying in the middle of nowhere and a lot of our excursions took us off the beaten path. We learned that for a state that’s all about conservation, they sure don’t care if they waste food–their portions are often ridiculous.    I could have fed all the homeless in Denver with my leftovers. We also learned that if it has the word “bistro” on it, walk slowly away…it’s high priced and you don’t want it.  Only in Denver for two days, we left the high end “up and coming” food to the foodies willing to pay.  Besides, when you think of Denver it doesn’t really evoke any culinary “oohs” and “ahhs”….what are they known for besides an omelet? Most of our time was spent in the San Luis valley just north of New Mexico where the breakfast burrito is king and sometimes you just gotta wing it.  We spared you the long descriptions and condensed our reviews to haiku.

True Grits Steakhouse – Alamosa CO
A Chicken Fried Steak
Me loves you like summer
longing days after
A kids meal portion
was enough to satisfy
awesome sunflower bread

Trinity Brewing – Colorado Springs CO
Fancy Beer Hipsters
Gouda Soup is Grandiose
Long wait cumbersome

Succumbed to the fad
one-upped BLTA sliders
kiss your hippy chef

Desert Sage Restaurant – Crestone CO
Yak Yak Burger Yum
yes value uncontested
waddle oh so full

Huge portions low cost
Tuna melt done oh so well
The Bhutan can cook

Johnny Rockets – Denver CO
Belly up counter
an overpriced western chain
A Blah Blah Burger

I couldn’t eat here
but left my lunch in the loo
glad to pass this by

The Alley Cantina – Taos NM
old haunt Kit Carson
you onion loving art snobs
half eaten remains

If only your food
tasted as good as it looked
should have gotten fish

Jack N Grill (As Seen on Man vs
Food) -Denver CO

grotesque grey sausage
Mexican eggs the highlight
family joint ok

Awesome Horchata
Red Chili sauce held it’s own
more is not better

Ricochet Rocks – La Veta CO
Quick is good enough
fair price equal fair pizza
hurry catch the train

fresh quality food
not the za I know and love
Salad on a crust

All-Gon Pizza – Fort Garland CO

YES! you are open
standard fare but edible
nice enough folks here

A true Mom and Pop
Pozole soup I’d do again
humble and homemade

Biggies – Buena Vista CO

sub sandwich delight
huge portion goes uneaten
regret say goodbye

Subs like they should be
Huge portions of french fries
I wish you were here

Denver Diner, Denver, CO


Great food great Joe
This is where the locals go
Deep downtown, been there for years


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