The Colorado Rockies: Coors Field Denver, Colorado

(Her)  There are only two reasons why I go to baseball games. 

  1. I love my husband and he loves baseball.
  2. The food, fans, and culture.

Whenever we go on vacation, part of the trip is planned around seeing a major league baseball game.  I honestly don’t care for baseball, but I do love seeing what each ballpark has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong, I have an affinity for the Brewers, but it’s because they are familiar to me.  You start to assume that baseball IS Bob Uecker, beer, hotdogs, sausage races and seventh inning polkas.  It’s hard to go to someone else’s city and root for anyone.  Like the food that they serve, baseball games are a great place to quickly learn about the city’s culture and the people that live there.

I must say, I wasn’t stoked for Denver’s Coors Field.  Like most newer fields, they tend to look the same.  The little activities between innings seemed like mandatory issue.   I kept asking myself “what food are they known for?”  When you go to a game in Baltimore, you know there will be crabcakes; in DC you know there will be Ben’s Chili; in Philly there will be…Phillys of course.  Denver isn’t exactly a culinary epicenter and even after some research all I could figure that they were known for was throwing some ham and veggies into eggs.

The first thing that struck me as different about Coors field and that I really appreciated was that they allow vendors to sell outside the stadium.  They also allow you to bring in any of the food that you buy from the vendors.  For a buck or two you can buy bottled water, gatorade, peanuts, pistachios, burritos, tamales–the list goes on.  If they sell it inside, the vendors outside are selling it for half as much.  I bought a 8oz bag of pistachios for $3.00.  A little iffy that they came in a ziploc bag, but you only live once right?

I walked around our level looking for food for quite some time and nothing really spoke to me.  I did appreciate that they offered salads at Rightfield Greens.  It’s a healthy option I haven’t seen anywhere else.  As much as I wanted a hotdog, all I found were oversized monstrosities with various toppings for outlandish prices.  I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to buy a dog for $6.00 outside of Wisconsin.  Especially when there’s no Stadium Sauce to go with it.  Ok, Ok,  I tend to be a tight ass with money on vacations, but you never know what you’re going to need money for and I certainly didn’t need a six dollar hotdog.   After much searching, the best deals I found were by the clocktower. There you could get Monster Nachos loaded with just about everything but the kitchen sink for $7.00.  I opted to get frozen yogurt for $4.00 and was able to load it up with as many toppings as I wanted.  I went for the ultimate deal and had them load it up with blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, strawberries, chocolate,  and whipped cream.  I convinced myself that my option was healthy and was glad I had finally found some value.

The ballpark does offer a few restaurant choices and there are some places offering a different selection than the standard fare if you are willing to leave your sections/levels.  Wazee market behind section 137 served Italian deli/pizza style food and there was a Helton Burger Shack in section 153.  For a complete list you can check out the Rockies website.  I regret not buying more from the vendors outside.  At least when you buy from them, you know you are supporting local business people and not a faceless corporation.  I still maintain that Denver’s selection wasn’t all that impressive but perhaps it was because it was hard to get around the high prices and lack of imagination.  I guess I’m the only one who goes to baseball games for the food.


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