The Diner Appleton, Wisconsin

(Him) What can you say about a joint just called “Diner”. No need for fancy names or affiliation with someone special or significant, just DINER.  With a name like that you better have memorable food or be in a place of great convenience. This place had both qualifications.  Nothing noteworthy upon entry. You could see booths , tables and the belly up counter.  The special of the day was a chicken tender sandwich which they proudly displayed (it was real and probably sitting there for hours) and it still looked delicious. My Diner go to meal is the traditional Hot Beef Sandwich which I ordered.  It’s something I always do when going to a diner and I wasn’t changing today.  I also ordered a cup of cream of chicken soup with vegetables. The waitress was stingy with crackers (one packet) and when i asked for more she provided only one more packet. OH well, the soup was fantastic. There was probably onions in it however it was sooo good I did not care and slurped it all down.
The Hot Beef Sandwich was next and was it ever good. The beef was dry,stringy and tasted like beef jerky. The gravy and traditional white bread also hit the spot. They were a little light on the gravy though. The mashed potatoes were a little off, but this dish is never about the potatoes and this would not affect their scoring.
The waitress was somewhat bitchy and mean to the ex con short order cooks so that was off putting. We could hear her lecturing them loud and clear from our booth.
Food 7.93  Atmosphere 5.21  Waitress Tyranny 9.5

(Her) I must have driven past this place a hundred times and really never gave it much thought.  It really does just say “Diner” and I don’t remember ever seeing cars in front of it.  Lately, I’ve been seeing coupons and advertisements for the Wisconsin Diner Outagamie Coop which I’ve never heard of before and I thought this might be the place. (it’s on West Wisconsin Ave) When we asked the waitress what the name of the place was, she said it’s called “The Diner” but used to be called “West Wisconsin Diner”….apparently they can’t figure out what to call it.   Maybe they’d get more customers if it wasn’t so darn confusing.
The place is a very typical diner with one exception:  they have a drive through. It’s an interesting concept and while I was filling up with gas next door at the Citgo I noticed I could get $1.00 off a meal there if I got it through the window.  Their menu is typical family style eating and I really wasn’t impressed by the square piece of fish on my fish sandwich or the overly creamy coleslaw that obviously came from a can.  I tried the beef and gravy and it was done just the way his mom made it:  extremely salty, dry and overcooked.  I can see why he liked it.  The potatoes were runny and it’s hard to mess up potatoes.  Anyway, you get what you pay for here and their prices were extremely reasonable.  They don’t seem to be trying to be anything they are not.
Many of their special drive through dinners are under $5.00 and their Friday all you can eat Fish Fry is $7.99.   On Wednesdays and Sundays you can get all you can eat chicken and you can also order buckets to pick up.  I would probably come back here to try one of the specials before I ruled it out completely.
I’ve seen a few reviews saying the waitresses or assistant manager was rude and hadn’t read them beforehand, but I will say that ours lacked personality.  Her interactions with us were mostly as she glided by our table to do something else and we were the only customers in the whole place.  I also could have done without listening to her yell at the cooks on how much gravy to put on a meal, but I was glad she was paying attention to those details they were missing.
One final perk was that we saved 4 cents off each gallon of gas at the Citgo next door by showing them our receipt….only to find that they were the station charging the most on that road.
Food (4.65) Atmosphere (6.87) Value (8.9)


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