Hollander’s Pub & Grill in Little Chute, Wisconsin

(Him) We ended up here by accident but it was a good accident not like a 4th child at age 39 kind of accident. The place was spacious and the help was friendly.  I decided to go for a personal pizza and was not disappointed.  The crust was thin and crackerish. They used a quality mozzarella that had that good dark brown color that is essential for a good pie.  That adds style points for sure. They also were not shy on the amount of cheese on top. The sauce was a little light in amount and flavor but the overall taste was great.
Not that you would go somewhere for ice tea specifically, this place had the goods on this product.  It was probably some basic brand like Lipton or what have you, however I thought it was awesome.  Some master mixologist must have been involved somewhere in the process from maker to distributor to server.   It was a great compliment to the meal.  I had french fries as an appetizer and they were standard fare however I like the fact that many different sauces were offered for the $1.50 product.  More style points for that Yo!  I won’t get into the fantasy football nirvana as my wife has that covered in her comments however, I will be at this place like clockwork in the fall.
Pizza 6.83 (please note, this is actually a good score for me when it comes to pizza. I’ve only had one 10 in my life and no 9’s exist).  Value 7.99  Future Sunday anticipation score 10.

(Her) We have driven by this place a lot and always say “we should go there sometime” but we never do.  Today we did.  We were going to go to The TapHaus in Kaukauna  because we had a great coupon and we arrived to find them closed and for sale along with the rest of downtown Kaukauna.  We just needed something quick and cheap since I didn’t want to cook, and since Kaukauna is apparently not the place to be, we headed back to Little Chute and took a chance on Hollander’s.  The place is huge and my husband was instantly stupefied by the 18 big screen TVs that decorate the place, and then not so instantly struck by the notion that they had direct TV and could have a different ballgame on each TV during football season.  Honestly,  he brought it up to the waitress 3 times and made me count the TVs.  I ordered the everyday $5.00 special which is your choice of either a 1/3 pound burger, fish sandwich, or fried chicken sandwich with fries and coleslaw.  I substituted fries for mashed potatoes and gravy which they were happy to do.  I was a bit nervous about the giant square of fried fish on my bun, but it was actually a thick piece of beer battered haddock and was nice a juicy and quite good (You don’t expect much for $5.00 these days).  The waitress was really nice and quick with refills which is always a plus.  The menu is pretty typical with a ton of appetizers, some salads, wraps, fish fry, fried chicken and pizza.  It really is the perfect place if you just want to catch a meal, some beer and some sports.  I’m assuming their pizza was good as many people there that night were sharing pizzas.  The place itself is large and roomy with a huge bar and a banquet hall that accommodates around 200 people.  I’d say it’s one of Little Chute’s best kept secrets.  Now if they would just build that 6 million dollar windmill down the street, I’m sure their business would pick up!  We’ll definitely be back to this place.
Food (6.8) Waitstaff (8.9) Ambiance (8)


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