The Rusty Tractor in Door County, Wisconsin

(Her) I have been to the Rusty Tractor before, and I certainly wouldn’t have picked this place to eat at again but since it was Father’s Day, they were conveniently located down the street from my parent’s campground, and I wasn’t paying–I was up to try it again.  The Rusty Tractor is situated in an old barn that used to be called “The Country Bumpkin” and it’s a small restaurant that also sells ice cream, antiques, and locally made crafts.  We had a party of 10 (5 kids 5 adults) and were immediately seated and served.  The menu has all your basic breakfast fare at pretty reasonable prices and they are all given tractor names like the “Allis Chalmers” or the “John Deere” to go along with their theme.  You can also order some unique items like breakfast flatbread or french toast stuffed with ham and cheese.  I questioned why they wouldn’t stuff their toast with Door County cherries but oh well.  Whatever you decide to order, let me warn you that their portions are huge.  Their pancakes are literally as big as the plate, their sausages are like mini bratwurst, and they aren’t skimpy on additions like hashbrowns or cheese either.
That being said, my experience here was pretty disappointing and it really had nothing to do with the food.  The waitress “Trixie” really would have been better suited working at Ed Debevic’s, but I guess when you’re a waitress named Trixie a little attitude is expected.  When my brother-in-law ordered the John Deere, a breakfast with 3 eggs, hashbrowns, ham, veggies, toast, etc and added a pancake to his meal Trixie replied “that’s a really big meal”.  When I asked for my omelet to be smothered in biscuit gravy, she poo pooed the idea.  How dare we change things up on the old gal.
Don’t get me wrong, our waitress started out trying hard to do her best but she quickly became frazzled as our orders were coming up.  There were 2 waitresses running about 5 tables so I’m not really sure why it was such an issue.  My mother had to tell the waitress that she didn’t get her meal and even then had to remind her what she ordered.  This was quickly but incorrectly fixed as she brought her out her pancakes but forgot the sausage to go with it.  I did not receive my beverage or the toast that was supposed to come along with the meal and had to say something.  Every time the waitress passed she told me my toast was on it’s way–I finally got it when she brought the bill and it was ice cold.  (much like the comment from Trixie that it was “better late than never”)
No one at our table could really figure out if our bill was correct as it seemed like it was too much money for what we ordered.  It came to about $10 per person and I’ll remind you that 5 of those persons were kids who ate off the kid’s menu and one of those kid’s was a newborn who ate from her mum’s breast.  We did notice an odd charge and remembered my dad had added ham to his meal and never got it. This was fixed at the register.  I’m thinking that the confusing bill may have been Trixie’s downfall too.
I’m not really sure I’d recommend this place. Like I said earlier, I’d been there before and didn’t really want to go back.  If you like large portions and value, I’d guess I’d tell you to give it a try.  Good value is incredibly hard to find in pretentious Door County and apparently so is good help.
Food (6.54) Value (8.5) Waitstaff (Fail)


5 responses to “The Rusty Tractor in Door County, Wisconsin

  1. Yes! that’s my breast mentioned up there….which would totally score all 10’s if in review.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your Rusty Tractor review.

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