Foggy Memory: Rock-a-Billy’s Pizza Joint in Green Bay, Wisconsin

(Her) This one’s a foggy memory but I thought it was worthy of a post.  We had heard about Rock-a-Billy’s from my brother-in-law and were told that it was attached to a Chinese restaurant named The Lotus and owned/operated by  the dude who had owned The SurfinBird, a long standing well known skate shop.  The mystery alone was enough to get us in and we enjoyed a meal before a basketball game one evening in winter.  The pizza joint side is done up very diner-esque with red vinyl seats and diamond plating on the wall.  The Asian side is less casual and houses the bar.  Once I got there, I chickened out on the pizzas and really wanted to try some of their curry.  (You can and should judge a place by the quality of their curry dishes)   My darling hubby also  passed up the pizzas and went for The Ripper:  A deep fried hot dog stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon.  Not for the faint of heart (literally)

The pizzas haunted us.  We got together a ton of people who had all wanted to try the place and had us a pizza taste testing like no other.  We ordered the deep fried brats as appetizers (yummy, whatever I’m from Wisconsin…sue me)
I believe we tried the Crab Rangoon pizza, a supreme, biscuits and gravy/breakfast pizza, and BBQ chicken.  I’m sure I forgot a few, but this IS a foggy memory. The restaurant’s menu is on their Facebook page if you’d like to peruse.  I see that some of the pizzas we tried are gone and replaced by new ones.  You can still find mention of pizza cones, but when we were there we were told they weren’t a big hit and they stopped making them.  You gotta love a restaurant that’s constantly evolving and listening to it’s fans/critics.

I tried the coconut popping bubble tea and will say it’s like nothing I’ve ever had.  And by that I mean, it’s really hard to explain so go get some yourself.  Also, an awesome surprise is that they serve Storheim’s ice cream and I had thought that Storheim’s had gone the way of the DoDo.  Anyone and everyone from Green Bay knows that Storheim’s was serving custard long before anyone heard of Culver’s.  They are a local legend.

I honestly don’t remember any of their pizzas standing out among the rest.  They were all quality, but I haven’t craved any of them since….they were more of a novelty.  Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely go back, but not in the way that every time I’m in Green Bay I’ll be thinking of those pizzas.  In checking out their Facebook page I’ve noticed that they pride themselves in stocking unique beers/craft brews at the bar on the Lotus side.  Now that they hubby is set out to try every beer every made I’m sure we’ll be back.

They also have a good selection of burgers including some sandwiches that will really push your appetite’s limits.  I believe one of them had two grilled cheeses as the buns.  Anyway, it’s definitely the place to go if you want some greasy diner food, pizza, bubble tea, ice cream, beers, Chinese, Thai…ok heck, they got it all covered and it was a really fun place to boot.
*Great, now that I’ve written this, I’ve got a craving for bubble tea.
Food (7.9) Ambience (8.7)

(Him) Well….ummm. My recollection of this joint ain’t as sweet as the wife’s. The first time we went there it was January and they don’t  care kindly to heating the place. Everytime someone entered or left, a gust of additional cold wind came barreling into the place. It was so cold I ended up eating with my winter jacket on. That’s not comfortable and a major strike for me. I really wanted a pizza cone which was featured on the menu but they no longer offer.  I had a slice of pepperoni pizza with my ripper and neither impressed.
Round two with the in laws, well at least it was somewhat warmer there that night. All kinds of pies were ordered and I got to select one, which was the biscuit and gravy pizza. Meh….all the pizza I tried was meh. Perhaps they should invest in some flavor. The only saving grace was the aforementioned Bubble Tea. Personally I would not recommend this place to anyone.  I should have tried the curry or something from the other menu. If we go back (which we will since all the relatives and wife like it), I will order from the other menu and see if fate brings me better food. The beer selection, the picture of bands on the walls were cool and the neighborhood is sorta throw-backish so there are some positives.
Food 3.79 Atmosphere 6.51


3 responses to “Foggy Memory: Rock-a-Billy’s Pizza Joint in Green Bay, Wisconsin

  1. Best General Tso’s chicken pizza EVER!
    I agree with Cory’s review. Gred’s review can go suck a pizza cone….if they still had them.

  2. Umm YEAH I AGREE with the General TSo’s…LOVED IT!! I think Bryan ordered the MacDaddy pizza too (kinda tasted like a Big Mac..I I’ve had some bubble Tea since..(at a farmers market..and EWW gross..the bubbles weren’t bubbles and didn’t pop..they were some gelatin things…:( I want Rock-a-Billy’s now!…just want some crab rangoon and general Tso’s…:D

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