JD’s Drive In: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) Today I was coming home from a trip to Jacob’s Meat Market (which deserves it’s own review)  the dog merrily chewing on her pig ear in the backseat and I came across a place that I have never noticed before. I was kinda taking the back routes from downtown Appleton to the east side, and it’s an area I usually end up getting lost in on a good day. It’s kinda surreal to see a restaurant that you never knew existed. I can understand blocking out the countless fast food joints, but usually you’d take notice of anything different and this place seems kinda out of place in it’s residential setting and it’s a little off the beaten path located on John Street between Calumet and College Avenue.
I skipped the drive thru and went inside so I could stare at the menu without holding anyone up. My first impression was that the place had an odd  smell to it that reminded me of a wet basement and household cleaner. Since it’s been raining for days here and I myself have a wet basement I decided not to judge. I also decided not to eat my food there and take it home instead.  Even though they seemed to be more a burger joint, I ordered a fish sandwich.  I admit, I may have an addiction to fish sandwiches but I rarely crave red meat so a burger just didn’t appeal to me. (this is about the time that you’ll remember I was coming home from a meat market and say “huh?”)
JD’s reminds me of Toms in that they both have popcorn and icecream and their menus/prices are pretty similar.
Anyway, as usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered a fish sandwich combo ($4.89 for fish sandwich, huge bag o’ fries and medium soda) it was such a good deal I added an order of fried cauliflower.  The fish was really well done and I think it was actually a piece of what you can order as fish plates or fish buckets because it was a large piece, wet battered and super crispy. The fries were nice and crispy too although by the time I ate the sandwich and a few pieces of cauliflower I barely had room for anything else.  So there you have it, my surprise find of the week.  I’ll have to take the old man there–he’ll probably hate it and we’ll never be able to go there again.
Food (7.23) Value (9.001) Atmosphere (reek-ish)
Went there for the first time yesterday. 9 Mozzarella logs for $3.31. When was my funeral? $1.38 double cheese double burger… I must be in heaven yo. Seriously the food was average however the value was undeniable. It’s on par with BK and Tom’s Drive In foodwise but leagues ahead value wise. The kicker was meeting JD who was a great man who gave me a JD’s hat for free. It’s a swell hat and for that I will be regular customer. I’m sure I’ll find a great thing there, I have no doubt about that. The place was packed and I didn’t notice an odor as previously mentioned by the battle axe.
Food (4.97) Value (9.88) JD and crew (10)
JD's Drive In on Urbanspoon


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