Dick’s Drive-In, Kaukauna, WI

(Her) This is not the first time we’ve been to Dick’s Drive-In, and that’s why it deserves a blog.  For most of you reading this, Dick’s is not readily accessible.  It’s not conveniently located off a major highway. It’s in Kaukauna off the beaten path for most of you and let’s face it– there are few reasons for you to go to Kaukauna.  That is what makes Dick’s feel more like a local establishment– sort of a hidden gem.  Just look for the tiny little shack that proudly proclaims “We Broil our Burgers” with a line of people hanging out of it.  I’d guess it’s been around forever, it certainly looks that way.  It reminds me of an old Dairy Queen we had in our neighborhood where you just walked up and ordered.   There are no car hops, and there is no place to sit inside, but there are picnic tables out back.  Dick’s serves a ton of different ice cream treats like shakes, malts, sundaes, specialty sundaes, cones, dipped cones, twinkle cones, flurries, floats, and slushies.  Food wise, they keep it pretty simple so they can keep it fast.  They’ve got burgers, fries, onion rings, fish sandwiches, and I don’t know what else because that’s the extent of what I’ve gotten there.  The signature burger at Dick’s is the Maxi-burger.  It’s a Big Mac rip off but it’s done with love.  They feature combos that include fries and a drink and most are under $5.00.  They have a great family pack deal that includes 6 burgers or cheeseburgers and a lunchbag size portion of fries for under $10.00
Food wise, their fare is pretty average.  They aren’t overly greasy which is nice and the standard burger portions are kinda small and flat, but they make up for that on their huge bags of crispy fries.  We think about going there more when we need an icecream or malt than we do when we are hungry.  When you are hungry and need a lot for cheap, it’s the quintessential place to go on a hot summer day.  I like that we can stop there and enjoy some food when we’ve got the dog with us, and you’ll  see a lot of people popping in on their bikes and motorcycles.   The food at Dick’s tastes like summer and that’s a big part of their charm.
Food (6.34) Value (9.43) Ambience (9)
Like soggy crappy flavorless fries…..neither do I ?  Like a mediocre burger at mediocre prices …..not for me. Like to tell people you stand in line for Dicks…well I guess it depends who you are. My wife is a fan, however I can take it or leave it. The saving grace of the place is the Caramel Malts. I’ve never had a malt this good. So it’s an ice cream joint that serves food. If you go for ice cream products you won’t be disappointed.  The interior is small and no sitting room is available. They have crazy lamps that look like a 20 sided die. So it has that going for it. They let me put up flyers so that has it going for it. Ahhh what am I bitching about. I’ll go back.
Food (4.95) Ice Cream Products , well Malts (9.85) those other intangibles I mentioned (7.84)


4 responses to “Dick’s Drive-In, Kaukauna, WI

  1. I worked there years ago and it hasn’t changed much, other than the fact that they are computerized now. We had to hand write the orders. LOL I can take it or leave it but I like that they have baby cones…I don’t need much ice cream.

  2. I’m confused. Greg rated the other intangibles at 7.84. Does that mean he likes telling people he stands in line for Dicks since he said the soggy fries and mediocre burgers weren’t for him?

  3. “His” sounds like he needs a nap!! Or, to quote Snow White,” You must be Grumpy!”
    I think we went here with you a few years ago. I remember sitting at picnic tables in the back & motorcycles.

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