Beef a Roo in South Beloit, Illinois

(Her) We haven’t really been anywhere of merit as of late.  Hot weather doesn’t really make me feel like eating, but we were recently in Beloit and this is one place we will frequent on our drive out of town.  The restaurant was started in Rockford, Illinois over 40 years ago and I really don’t know why they didn’t make it further out in the food-o-sphere than they did.  After all those years they only have 8 locations so if you’re near Beloit or Rockford you should at least try to check one out.  Greg’s probably a much better judge on their food since he’s grown up with it.  Me–I love their cheese fries and their roast beef.  When you think of their roast beef sandwiches think of Arbys only highly seasoned and au jus-y (you can pronounce that “aw-juicy”) .  So they are like Arby’s–only good.
They have a ton of stuff on their menu and you can check it out here, I honestly wouldn’t know how their other food is because my husband will scoff at you if you order anything other than the beef.  I just noticed you can order steamed broccoli as a side item…how awesome is that? I usually go for the fries in a cup topped with cheese sauce and throw some jalapenos on for a little kick.  They are never skimpy on the cheese.  In fact, the more I look at their menu the more I want to visit a few more times, but I know as soon as I walk in the door I’ll be ordering cheese fries and a beef ‘n’ cheese sandwich because like Greg says “it’s why you go there”.  The only thing disappointing about Beef-a-Roo is that I never have room for more.
Food (7.4) Value (6.321)
The Roo.  The #8 reason for my belly girth.  Oh how I adore you.   It all started with innocent trips while on my commute to Rock Valley College in the early 90’s.  It continued on lunch breaks and drives home from Rockford while I worked at Ron Weber & Associates.  It continues to this day when I make my way back to the flatlands of Illinois.  While yes it is true I do push the roast beef there, I wholeheartedly promote all their products.  Back in the day I was a burger man as they had awesome 99 cent specials.  As I matured and my wallet got a little fatter I turned to their signature product….the Beef and Cheddar. Arby’s ain’t got nuthing on them yo!
Let’s start with the soft drinks.  The mix is the best I’ve ever had for tap soda. It’s consistent and no other tap soda compares.  The fine line of crisp, bubbly and sweet come together in taste nirvana.  The Doctor Pepper goes extremely well with the roast beef products while the vintage Coca Cola goes well with the burgers.  Not only does the good doctor compliment the gooey cheddar sauce that drapes your sandwich it also is a fine contrast to the special salt concoction they put on their fries.
Did you say Fries……heck yeah !.  Best darn fries I ever done had.  I’m sick of the fast food joints putting a crap coating on the french potatoes. This obviously didn’t work but places like Burger King and Hardees stuck with this idea  for 10+ years.  Now all the places are coming back to natural fries.  Beef A Roo stuck and continues to stick with uncoated potato fries that are topped with the aforementioned seasoned salt.  That’s all ya need.
Their Beef and Cheddar sandwich is the best sandwich in all of Fast Foodom.  It’s that good and really doesn’t need much other hype.  Just go try one today.
As for their other items, I’ve had them but it’s been 12 years running so no true opinion provided.  I just remember they were good.
Food 9.87 Value 7.59 (a little pricey for fast food- however I don’t get it much so I bumped it up a point) Atmosphere 9.00  ( each one is a different theme- from old school firehouse to rockin 50’s diner, so it’s never boring)


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