Jolly Roger’s Pizzeria in New London, WI

(Her) This is the challenge pizza at Jolly Roger’s.  It’s a 26″ pie with one topping and it costs $25.  Plenty enough to feed a family of five, but if you eat it entirely in one sitting by yourself you will win $100 and of course your name and photo on the wall Man vs. Food style.  My husband’s photo is on the wall, but unfortunately this was all he ended up eating so it’s on the wall of shame.  The pic is posted right next to his fierce competitor, Chris (the guy) who ate one less piece than the hubby.
Anyway, the boys went back tonight for a smaller pizza and I joined them.  Prices are really reasonable.  Each sized pizza is one price no matter what you order or how many toppings you put on them.  I opted for a sandwich and got a Philly with au jus, fries, and a pickle for $7.00.  A very reasonable price indeed.  Burgers and chicken with the same sides were a mere $5.00.  The only thing I balked at was adding $2.00 because I wanted onion rings (but I did get a ton of them).  Speaking of a ton of food, the roast beef was awesome and there was a huge amount on my sandwich.  The au jus was not bland and maybe a little bit salty but that’s just the way I like it.  The highlight of the evening was the waiter who was very attentive with getting us refills just as we finished our drinks, and even had to run my wallet out to me when I forgot it at the table.  Very attentive and quick.  This place is always running specials on different days and runs a pizza buffet during the week days for $6.  New London’s off the beaten path for some, but you could check them out after you go tubing down the Wolf River (which is really high right now) or check out their historical village or maybe after you’ve been to Wisconsin’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Food (7.34) Value (7.23) Ambience (5)

The last time I was there I swear the pizza was better but it could be a case of fantastic reminiscing. You know, how things seemed better back then kind of thing?  The waiter/bartender was a thorough chap as he told you everything he was doing. I don’t mind this as he was uncomfortably close reaching across the table a couple of times as if to say “sorry I’m invading your personal space bubble but this freaking pan is super hot yo!”  The mozz sticks were dry and flavorless however for onion lovers out there I can only imagine the marinara was delicious. Cory and our friend Chris seemed to dig it. I of course did not try it. The ice tea was standard fare, thought the help was eager to refill at the slightest chance of running dry.  Back in Beloit Wisconsin alot of the pizza joints serve the same type of pie and this was reminisscent of them. It has a dryer type medium puffy crust, a smidgen of sauce not unlike Contadina brand when you make your own and a dry cheese on top. I like my pizza greasy and this had the look but left you thirsty. The only saving grace was the amount of pepperoni they heaped on. You don’t get that amount of topping in Beloit. Regardless of the grade when it comes to pizza, I will eat until ready to explode. I did so tonight and not wanting to leave leftovers decided to de-cheese the last two slices (de-cheese = only eating the cheese and toppings). It’s nothing special however it’s the only game in town in New London and sometimes that’s enough.
Pizza ( a strong Beloit 6.0) The Attentive Help (8.73) the crazy bathroom with only enough room for toilet, sink and water heater (2.75)
Her note: keep in mind when Greg rates pizza that this is on a scale of 1-10.  Ten being Tony and Maria’s pizza in Beloit and no one will ever make a 9.


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