Julie’s Cafe in Green Bay, WI

(Her) Went out to eat with the parental units this evening and they took me to Julie’s Cafe.  Julie’s is one of those places like Mary’s in Appleton or La Sure’s in Oshkosh; it’s a family style, serving breakfast all day, been around forever kind of place.  I ordered the daily special which was a Super BLT only because I was interested in what made it so special and super and I don’t like egotistical sandwiches.  My parents ordered the other special–whitefish with crab stuffing.   I love fish, I love crab, it looked disgusting.
So what makes a Super BLT so super? I’m still not sure.  My sandwich consisted of texas toast, 2 slices of processed cheese, a ton of lettuce, ONE slice of tomato and TWO only two slices of bacon both of which were crowded together on one side of the sandwich like they were hatching an escape plan.   How can you screw up a BLT? Julie’s apparently figured it out.  Everyone knows a BLT is about having the right ratio of mayo, lettuce, etc and that equation does NOT start with two pieces of bacon.  I’d like to say my fries were good.  I can say that the ones that weren’t clumped  together in a ball were good.  They were those weird coated fries that Dairy Queen serves, but like I said–the ones not in a giant ball were good and crispy.  My parents fish looked like it was stuffed with a combination of stove top and crab.  The good news was that they got to choose two sides to go with their meal.  The bad news was that my mother’s macaroni and cheese was inedible.  She said it lacked flavor and if it did have a describable flavor that flavor would be “watery”.   I think Julie’s is another case of a family style restaurant that caters to older people who apparently have lost their taste buds and once your taste buds go apparently so do your dining standards.  Unfortunately, we all had our taste buds with us tonight.   Once again, I shouldn’t complain because my parents did pick up the check, but I’m beginning to think that they are jinxing my dining experience (See Rusty Tractor blog) much like another set of family members who won’t be mentioned here.


11 responses to “Julie’s Cafe in Green Bay, WI

  1. Is the family member who won’t be mentioned…lol EVERYTIME we go out to eat with Cory and Greg it’s a place that they LOVE….and whenever we go to places with them they hate it…..hmmmm Moral of the story…don’t go to eat with us??lol
    I have noticed anytime we do come out there and eat with you guys it is at your house…coincidence??

    • everytime we go somewhere we love with you two, something screws it up (in Greg’s eyes) He forgets that he also usually gets compensated pretty well for the errors.

  2. “She said it lacked flavor”,… “family style restaurant that caters to older people who apparently have lost their taste buds”. Based on these comments one can only infer,…

  3. I love Julies! They have a classic grilled cheese and their dumpling soup is yum. But usually I order the stir fry.

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