Coaches Corner in Buchanan, Wisconsin

(Her)  My first impression of this place was “holy crap it’s cold in here!”  I mean so uncomfortably cold that I couldn’t uncross my arms.  It used to be a place called Charcoal grill and they don’t seem to have done anything different to make it Coaches Corner.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they even kept the original dirt.  The floors were dirty, the table tops were sticky and they had prep buckets sitting on top of their countertops.  Darling hubby had to excuse himself to wash his hands because he felt so dirty.  The waitress was prompt about getting our drink orders and their meals seem really cheap.  They had a 6 oz sirloin and shrimp special for $5.99. That should have been our first clue.  You don’t sell quality food and make a profit at those prices and this place does not sell quality food.
We waited at least 20 minutes for our food to arrive.  The couple next to us finished their meal while we waited and the couple seated next to them (they arrived 10 minutes after us) ordered and got their food before us.  It was unnecessarily slow for a sandwich and fried food.
I ordered the cod.  It was terrible.   Two pieces of triangular shaped fish that reminded me of something you’d get in a high school cafeteria or a hospital.  No wait, I’ve actually had better food at Aurora’s hospital on a Friday night.  I had probably the most bland coleslaw I’ve ever had placed directly on my plate so that the vast amounts of vinegar kindly seeped into my crinkle cut fries and made most of them inedible.  Hey CC, there’s a reason coleslaw is always served in a little cup on the side.  I couldn’t even eat the slaw for it’s health properties, even the vinegar on it seemed watered down and lacking punch somehow.  I could go on but I won’t.   Don’t waste your time or money on this place.  I can’t even say the value was good because I don’t even think  I got what I paid for.   I got the feeling that no one  in the place knows anything about running a restaurant.
Food (3)  Value (3)  Wait Time (FAIL)
(HIM) – Well the waitresses looked good and um um um…..yeah that’s about it. Did the wife mention the noxious fumes emanating from this place as we walked up?  Perhaps we should have known something was up when the folks behind me were complaining about something while we perused the menu.  I wanted a 12 inch pizza however I was informed they were out of the 12 inches for the night. So I ordered some hybrid 3 cheese ham and roast beef sandwich which contained the thinest slice of ham on the planet.  I did not taste the ham.  I’m not sure I tasted anything but salt. The fries were almost inedible there was so much salt on them. The roast beef must have been in 4 day old salt bath. I’m pretty sure the air was full of salt there too like some wharf bar. My Gawd I can’t stop thinking about all the salt. Somebody help me. The ice tea had messed up vanilla flavor to it that only got worse when I added lemons. This place sucked, however the waitresses had short shorts.
No Rating- not worth it.


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