Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin

(Her)  I don’t ever remember going to the state fair.  Most people I’ve talked to have never been there either.  My dad said he thought he went and he vaguely remembers them having “really good corn”.  Anyway, my sister has five kids and I like to take them on special dates for their birthdays.  Usually I take them to  places that would be too expensive for my sis to take all the kids or places I think they’d enjoy experiencing on their own away from their siblings.  What I’m hoping for is that ten years down the road, they’ll remember the experience they had with us whereas they may have forgotten if I had just gone out and bought some lame toy.  This time of the year, we’ve got two birthdays within a week or so of each other so I thought I’d do double duty and take the newly 5 year old and newly 7 year (going on 12) year old to the State Fair.
I love fair food and the State Fair has literally got it all.  If it can be fried or put on a stick, they’ve got it.  We started out slow and perused the area while we tried to decide what to get and quickly realized the prices were even more ridiculous than we had imagined.   While the hubby and boy stood in line for cheese curds I took Miss Thing to look around.  She hates cheese, she’ll tell you that over and over again.  We found someplace selling corn and I normally wouldn’t pay $3.50 for an ear of corn I could buy for 25 cents at the store, but my dad’s voice kept resonating in my head so I coughed up the money and we each got an ear.  We caught up with boy and man sporting the largest er…cheese balls I have ever seen.  We then headed into the cream puff pavilion and I’m not really keen on the puffs and neither is the hubby so we just ordered one for all of us to share.  The tall tables were not kid friendly but that didn’t stop the kids from devouring the puff after hubbub and I each got one bite in.  (as soon as we saw those dirty fingers dive in we knew our time was up) We should have gotten more but told the kids we’d be back before we left and never went back.  The kids were sick of walking towards the end there, but reminded us we didn’t go back once we were back on the road.
We wandered through the Wisconsin Products Pavilion and taste tested the best and only maple sugar cotton candy I’ve ever had and bought some below average fresh made donuts from an apple themed place.
We passed on pretty much everything else due to the outrageous prices.  The kids wanted more, but the prices were just ridiculous.  Who pays $7.00 for a burger?  We had bought some bottled water from the guys on their lawn outside the fairgrounds for $1.00 each and were glad we did because inside they were $3.00
There was an overwhelming amount of food to choose from.  I wish they had a vendor list or food map –I may have eaten more if I didn’t have to wander around looking at what each place had. I know there was something online but I didn’t bother to print it out.   The prices could have been just a buck or two less.  I think they would sell more if their prices were “fair”. I know I would have hesitated less, because like souvenirs on vacation, you’re afraid you’re going to come across something better and wish you hadn’t made the last purchase.
We were all still hungry and it occurred to me that we should just go eat somewhere on the way home for half the cost and zero the meltdowns.  I’ll let darling hubby tell you about what happens when you let your GPS select the place you’ll eat.
For the record, the kids had fun.  They thought the drive was long and as we drove down the highway past the ferris wheel and rides the boy kept asking “oh that’s cool! where’s that place?” and when his killjoy sister informed him “we were just there” he was only slightly bummed until he remember he has a new Nintendo DS.  When Miss Thing was asked what her favorite part was she just said “the corn”.
Food (7)  Value (1)  Ambience (6.0123)


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