Salvatores Pizza in Shorewood WI

(Him) So the GPS said we were going to a Gennesseo’s Pizza or something similar however when we got there the place was named Salvatore’s. No big deal, pizza is pizza and with a little inquiring we found out the scoop. Salvatore’s recently bought out Gennewhatever. They proudly boasted they used Sciortino’s pizza crust which meant nada to me. I guess the new owners also own the Sciortino’s  bakery which is local. The place has a small dining area however it seems upper class for a pizzeria. Lots of dark wood benches, chairs and tables fill up the meager available space. They played Sinatra the entire time we were there so that was cool.I enjoyed a cigar in their alley which was a fine alley while I waited for the vittles. We had a Blanco pizza which was nothing more than mozz, crust and fresh basil. It was edible but nothing fantastic.Call that the appetizer.
I had the GREATEST Ice Tea in my life at this place. It was a tad on the spicy side without straying into flavored country. I drank 4 glasses and would have had more if I wasn’t full.
The 16 inch pepperoni pie was next. It had good color and enough grease to be pleasing to the eye. Upon first bite I found it to be bland and mealy. It did not look how it tasted. They seemed to heap on the fresh herbs under the cheese which possibly offset the juiciness. I’m usually a middle pieces guy however I saw that a portion of the outside crust had a sprinkling of  coating and that became my preferred portion. This flavored crust really helped and took the pie from blah to decent. I would not go back on purpose but the tea could get me to stop if I was ever in the neighborhood. Too bad the neighborhood was over 2 hours away.
The joint 7.21 the food 5.87 the TEA 10.00
Afterthought. I had a couple of cold pieces the next day at work. It was much better this way, not sure why but it was.  Hot pie 5.86 Cold pie solid 7.


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