The Gein Awards-Pizza


(Him) No doubt about this one. Tony and Maria’s in Beloit Wisconsin. This pie is like no other anywhere and is the only food I’ve ever given or considered a 10.00.  The place started some time in the 1960’s and has been going strong ever since. The place was started by a couple, Tony and Maria who are extremely elderly at this point. The place is now run by their mid forties Professional Wrestling loving sons. Mom and dad are still present on occasions doing light work in the kitchen.It was originally housed in a standard home right across the parking lot where the family continues to live today.The new place is a strait out 70’s flat roofed brick building  with checker board floor tiles. They’ve tried to modernize a bit recently with a plethora of moving water fall pictures. I’m not sure the vibe their going for however it doesn’t seem to jive but I don’t care. It’s all about the pizza  at this joint. They use a whole milk mozzarella that is chock  full of flavor. the amount of cheese is heaped on, I imagine a good 3/8″ of cheese tops the pie. They get a wonderful golden brown and grease color on the top. The occasional air bubble makes it’s way onto the presentation. the cheese is so good that I used to have a friend who would order a large to himself and just eat the cheese. If you are willing to spend that much for cheese, you know it’s good. The sauce amount isn’t noticeable however it’s the right amount. The sauce is a sweet watery sauce that compliments all the other ingredients. The sauce is so unique and so delightful it has caused me to bow down the woman who created it. I think they think I am wierd but they know that i love their pie. The crust is very thin. It is not a crispy crust but a bendable loose crust. I’m not sure it would work with any other pizza joint but works to perfection here. I can only suggest you try their pizza if you’re in the neighborhood, that’s all I can do. Otherwise it is your loss.
Honorable mention…Frankies Pizza in Ashland WI and Dimartinos Ristorante in Warsaw New York.

(Her) I’ll make this one short.  I do not share the same pizza obsession as my dear husband.  I like pizza, I think it’s a pretty perfect food and there are definitely pizzas I don’t like.  Honestly though, I’m not qualified to sound off here.  I will eat just about anything on my pizza whereas He has only ever had pepperoni.  To me, a good pizza’s a social event.  It’s about getting together with a ton of people and sharing some food.  When I think of pizza, I think of the giant snow coaster sized pizzas at Port Sandy Bay in Two Rivers or sharing the B.A.P from Tony’s in Manitowoc  around a campfire with family.  B.A.P is an abbreviation that I presume stands for “bad ass pizza” because this one’s size is listed at 18″x26″.   At home, I have no problem eating cheap frozen pizzas like Orvs or Bernatellos or whatever happened to be on sale.  Anyway, like I said….it’s pizza, if you put it in front of me I’ll eat it, but I’m not going to make out with it or anything.
For the record–I give Tony and Maria’s a 7, there’s too much cheese and grease it’s terrible the next day when it’s cold. (there, I said it)


2 responses to “The Gein Awards-Pizza

  1. While I am no Pizza critic I have to say the best Pizza I have ever had is Papa Murphy’s Chicago deep dish. You do have to cook it yourself but it is a meal in itself. A close runner up is Luigi’s Deep dish. I’ve tried Tony’s and I am no fan of theirs.

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