The Lox Club in Combined Locks, Wisconsin

(Her) My first impression of the Lox Club unfortunately, was the strong smell of bar disinfectant and old carpet as we walked in.  I’m not so shallow though as to go by first impressions and we we warmly greeted as we were sat by the bar and given menus.  A quick rundown of the history of this place tells us that it was started by a local Little Chute mill worker who dreamed of owning a supper club and is now being run by two of his children, Joe and Cindy.  We met Joe at the bar and he kept up with my hubby’s constant questions and we later got some glimpses of Cindy as the kitchen door swung open.
I ordered one of the Friday specials which was Perch and Haddock and chose the homemade French Onion soup option.   Our table was ready almost immediately with Greg’s salad waiting and my soup on it’s way. The dining areas are small and intimate and we were seated by the kitchen and wait station which I really didn’t mind because like I said, I got glimpses of what was going on in the kitchen.  (Not that my husband’s conversation wasn’t fascinating me or keeping me entertained)
The soup was a bit salty or too reduced for my taste and the processed cheese over the top was a bit disappointing although extremely gooey.  Gruyere cheese only for this girl please! I really wanted to just throw this soup into some sour cream and eat it with chips.
We were brought out a nice bread basket  filled with mini muffins and different rolls, but the butter to go with it was lackluster.  (okay, yes…I am a dairy snob but if the bread is not to die for then the butter better be)  I will say this on a positive note though:  our service throughout was extremely attentive and quick.  The glimpses I got of the kitchen and staff showed that they were all really friendly, quick and efficient.  They were definitely the epitome of a “well oiled machine”.  There was someone managing the dining room as far as getting tables cleared and set for the next guest, but you didn’t feel rushed at all while you were eating.
The service was so great and everyone was so friendly that I’m really avoiding mentioning that my food was sort of lackluster and overpriced.  The fish was fresh but dry,  and I should have listened better when she described what potato peels were.  I was expecting potato peels but got sort of a deep fried wedge with peel still on it.  and….they were a tad undercooked.  The portions were big and the rye bread seemed fresh baked so I’m going to give them that.  Maybe I’m just not a supper club kind of person.  The place is always packed and we’ve gotten several recommendations for the Lox Club so it seems like I might be alone in my attitude.
Food (7) Value (6.32) Ambience (8.56) Service (10)

Yeah, sorta Shabby interior with a cool ass outside appearance.  It just looks wicked neat from the outside and that was the attraction for me every time we drove by (Always a sucker for Hype, although this may have been self induced hype). No beer on tap here, so bottle up or go home. I had a familiar Spotted Cow before the giddy up to the table. Cory gave you the lowdown on the gist of the place so I’ll skip right to the food. Standard salad was first however fantastic house made French dressing was included (albeit, not enough). The breadbasket umm…… sucked. Flavorless options of mini muffins and a muffin roll left me  disappointed. I had water with my meal and it was funky. It wasn’t  too much minerals funky but funky as it had a smell that carried to the taste. This place was right across from a paper mill so there was probably some harmful chemicals leaching into the ground water.  These potato skins or whatever were terrible too. Maybe if they were cooked they may have been edible. The steak saved the day though. It was a 12 ounce Sirloin served on a sizzling plate with a mound of butter on top. This was one fine steak. Had it not been so fatty It would rank up there with the greatest I’ve ever had however it was probably luck of the draw that I got the fat one.
Food (an all over the board 6.52) The service (8.00) The dinner conversation with wife  (3.66)


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