Kansas City Royals: Kaufmann Stadium

(Her)  I can’t really review the food here, the prices at ballparks are getting ridiculous and I brought food in with me this time having learned my lesson from Coor’s field. We chose the Royals game over a game in St. Louis because the ticket prices were considerably less.  (My husband later procured a $5 ticket to the Cardinals game during some Tuesday night special at the box office. )  The one and only value I found at Kaufmann stadium was a large theater sized bucket of popcorn for $8.00 which included free refills.  I don’t know if there normally aren’t beer vendors walking around up and down aisles, but there were none on this night.  It was so cold however, that I did see hot chocolate vendors cruising the aisles.  Other than that, no guys throwing peanuts at you or yelling about their cold beers and wares.  I sorta missed it.  I didn’t miss the prices though as I enjoyed my smuggled cracker jacks and juicy juice.  I did get a little surge of pride that one stand was boasting Sheboygan brats for sale UNTIL I saw the price and slowly backed away.
Oh yeah, and the stadium…mildly cookie cutter once again, and I have a feeling that I have the recent upgrades to thank for that.  The fountains in the outfield and the access to the hall of fame are a nice touch….I later found out that there was a ton of stuff added for kids on the concourse, but I happen to like my stadiums to have a view and to feel like the city is wrapped around them.  I really do miss old run down stadiums with crappy old seats.   The cold weather we endured at least made us feel like we were roughing it.
In the future, I feel like taking the tour would be well worth it if you are unfamiliar with a stadium just so that you can have a better perspective than I did.

Totally disagree with her opinion of the stadium. Granted Kaufmann is a 70’s relic and upon entry it does feel cookie cutterish. However once you see the field it is a beautiful ballpark. They replaced the AstroTurf a few years ago and renovated the place with Johnson County money( boy is that a sore subject as I found out) It appears those Johnson County people are rich uppedty racist snobs who don’t seem to appreciate their good fortune in life. I know this as I talked to a couple of them and a former high school buddy living near by reiterated the same thing while we drank beers. Anyways, back to the stadium.  The main feature of the stadium is this corny giant Crown that sits high above in centerfield. That is view enough in my book. It is flanked by the aforementioned fountains and is unlike any other stadium I’ve been to. I only ate a cherry sucker and for a buck it was well worth it.  So if you are in the mood for a cherry sucker then this is the place to go and while you’re there you can witness a last place team struggle for survival.


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