Ten O’ One Club: Green Bay, WI

(Her) Went to the Ten O’ One Club on a Friday night with the parental units minus one darling hubby.  Aptly named because of it’s location at 1001 Main Street in Green Bay, everyone seems to go for their perch. I  even saw the pastor and his wife were  perching there, but I must admit I’m a little perched out.
The first thing that strikes you is the gorgeous English pub atmosphere.   Is there anything not covered in rich carved wood panels? I didn’t see it.  I’m a little disappointed in the website because I wanted history and it doesn’t actually tell you anything other than that the building was a restaurant from the 1950’s to the 1980’s….um, so what is it now? I’d fire your web designer.  I’d also post the menu here, but upon perusing it I notice that the prices and entrees are different.  Way different.  I don’t know what the cause would be, but I noticed right away that the “famous” Ten O’ One steak has been downgraded from a 16oz on the menu to an 8oz in person.  My mother ordered a Ten O’ One special (it cost $10.01) and she got a piece of cod, some potatoes and some veggies.  You could  tell it was scaled down to reflect the price.
Overall, the food’s a bit pricey with some good deals thrown in.  I hear that’s how Wal-mart’s running their stores now too.  People aren’t really that naive are they? It’s hard to tell how much the economy is affecting things and how many people are just using the bad economy to their advantage.  I will say I’ve had much better (and larger) $14.00 haddock at supper clubs along with much better service.   (Just read all about Van Abel’s)  Our waiter seemed to be unable to multi-task and kept making his job harder by always forgetting one item or one refill rather than just being efficient.  The one thing that redeemed my meal was nice salty butter for our bread and really well made clam chowder.  The chowder had lots of bacon flavor and was loaded with clam.
I’d say that if perch is your thing, there are much better places to choose in Green Bay.  The ambience was nice, but didn’t make the meal.  Next time, I’m telling the ‘rentals I want to go to Marique’s.
Food: 7.43   Value: 4.32   Ambience: 8  Service: 7


One response to “Ten O’ One Club: Green Bay, WI

  1. I believe it was opened as a bar. Do you remember Tim and Pam Baker(China Missionaries)? It is Tim’s dad (or grandpa?) who opened it and ran it. Our friend Justin Baker has a pic of it on his FB page.

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