Kamps Bar and Grill

(Him) Kamps is in my neighborhood and I’m thankful for that. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood and passed the joint on many occasions. They have massive covered courts for the game of Horseshoes and there would always be people out there pitching the shoes and clanking off the poles.I just wanted to go there and hang out. It’s the ultimate neighborhood bar tucked away in Combined Locks WI.

It was sooo old school and I thought it was the coolest place ever. Alas poor Yorick I do not go to bars so I figured I’d never muster up the moxie to belly up to the bar. However luck had changed and my friend Chris (the guy) stated we should venture in for a few. It was a Thaco Thursday, yes it’s spelled with a “H” and for $3.50 you got 3 delicious mounding homemade tacos that would put the Bell out of business if they were neighbors. I have since ventured in for many of there other food items and have never left disappointed. The pizza there is my favorite menu item followed closely by the deep fried mini tacos off the appetizer section. The staff there is awesome, Doug, Tim, Sergeant Sexy and the rest of the crew are top notch. The building has gone through various additions (the oldest portion circa 1930ish) with a great history that the staff will be glad to share. They have comedy shows and bands and the greatest thing since sliced bread…..MEAT RAFFLES. These Meat Raffles are mega cool and for a chance to win various cuts of meat you also help variety of good causes. It’s a fantastic venue to watch Packer Games. They have some type of free food on gamedays and give away jello shots after each Packer TD. Bands also play on the deck on Sunday afternoons (weather permitting) and that really caps off a summer weekend.
Food….8.18 …The Crew…….10.0……..The place…….so hip it can’t be rated.

(Her)  I’ve been to Kamp’s a bunch of times and even though we haven’t reached Cheers status there yet, I’m okay with that.  The aforementioned meat raffles are always fun and entertaining.  Everything I’ve tried food-wise has always been great.  They usually have great homemade soups.  (I say great because they make their pea soup just like I do, and it’s so much better when someone else has made it.)  I’ve had their fish sandwiches, BLTs, burgers, etc and it’s not just your standard run of the mill bar food.  Ok, the mini tacos are, but they are still yummy anyway.  I haven’t tried their fish fry, but I’ve heard from plenty of people that it’s top notch and it’s always packed on Fridays so that tells you something.  They’ve also got some locally made pizza connections like any good Wisconsin bar should.   Doug and the staff are all really friendly and open to bringing in new things.  In fact, when the hubby’s show was cancelled last minute at another local establishment Kamp’s opened their arms to him and packed the house.  If you want to go somewhere where a great bunch of people hang out, drink, eat, and feel local–go to Kamp’s.  Besides, who else can offer you horseshoes rain or shine?
Food….8.3124 …Atmosphere…..9.321…..Value…9.013


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