Pioneer II Restaurant: Kimberly, Wisconsin

(Him) So it’s a local place without the charm of a local place. I’ve eaten here before here and there and it was never anything to write home about.  I decided to give it another go as I got a $15 coupon for $3.75 on RTown Shopper and I was in the mood for breakfast. The wife was getting ready for work and had no time for shenanigans so I ventured alone for breakfast. The coupon was only good for a one time use so I ordered a lot of food in hopes of reaching my $15. I topped out at $12.71 when everything was said and done. The hash brown were crispy, the bacon was crispy and the milk was cold and frothy.   It was a perfect breakfast.  So good in fact, that I decided to go there the next day because the prices were fair and the wife missed out the day before.   Immediately upon entering on a Sunday afternoon we were informed that food could take up to 45 minutes due to the church crowd. That was ok as I wanted to try their skillets that were only $5.50. I ordered a bacon skillet. BIG MISTAKE. The hashbrowns were soggy and the bacon was inedible.  Bacon should have some crunch or crispiness. I’m pretty sure mine was as close to raw as possible. They also decided to give me the fattiest pieces since I wouldn’t notice as it was covered by the eggs and cheese. It was sooo bad I had to pick it out before I could take a bite.When I mentioned this to the waitress her response was that the cooks were real busy and probably didn’t have to time to pay any mind. No empathy, no I’m sorry, just you picked the wrong time to come and it’s your fault your food was bad. Hows that for a kick in the pants.  So if you are willing to come at non-busy time and you get the Rtown Shopper coupon then by all means go an order up a storm. Then NEVER Come back.  Never come back.  The place is dirty too, so there.
Food……Raw Bacon takes away any merit of the previous day goodness (negative) 3.4 Service…. A solid no empathy 0.6…….. Value…..well you can’t put a price on trichinosis.

(Her) I’ll be the first to admit my hubby is a picky eater, but I’ll be the second to admit that the food here was bad.  I/We had been here before since it is less than a mile from our house and very local, but now we know why it had been removed from the running when choosing eateries.  Yes, we were informed it would be a long wait, but we didn’t care as it was Sunday morning and they had newspapers to read and coffee to drink.  As we leisured, the waitstaff were attentive with coffee refills and order taking so we can’t fault them for that.  I can however fault the cook for my fries that were so raw they were white and soggy.  I did hear a waitress ask another customer if she wanted her fries rec0oked; I wish I had been given the same option.  I ordered a turkey bacon melt and I will say that my bacon was cooked just fine and that the sandwich was good–not great.  I stole a piece of bacon from my hubby because he does sometimes exaggerate, but he didn’t in this case.  His bacon was rubbery and not at all what I would consider edible or cooked.  I don’t think I would have been as nice as him to muddle through, and I would have sent the whole thing back.  (he was also right about the hashbrowns)  I have always maintained that any idiot can cook breakfast and that you can tell a restaurant’s merit by how well they do so.  As a side note, I must be watching too much “Downton Abbey” because I have typed and reread this entire thing with an English accent and an air of snobbery. Especially that last line, but I digress.  Anyway, this time I did empathize with my darling hubby and we don’t have any reason to go back.  If we had blogged about our experiences the first time we went, we may have saved ourselves the trouble.
Food….3.0023….Value….6….Ambience….2.0178….Waitstaff….7.456 (except of course for the one bragging about her night in jail and being bonded and the one who reported to be hungover from two nights of drinking…ok wait, OUR waitress gets the score, the rest get zeros.  I don’t care how familiar you are with the people who sat at your table, the rest of us can hear you too.)Pioneer II on Urbanspoon


4 responses to “Pioneer II Restaurant: Kimberly, Wisconsin

  1. I found an error in which you spelled “recooked” with a zero. Rec0oked.
    And I want to actually try this place out for some reason. Probably cuz it’s cheap.

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