Kangaroostaurant: Fox Valley, Wisconsin

(Her)  I’m in love with the Kangaroostaurant and I’ve only officially been there once myself, but I was extolling it’s virtues to countless people even before I had eaten there.  When I’m hungry I like to look at their menu and weekly schedule and drool.  I’m just in love with the idea of a “restaurant” that’s always changing their menu, trying new things, keeping known favorites, and generally evolving.  I also love anything that’s dog friendly because if you know me, you know that the dog goes everywhere I do.  So with that said….food trucks where have you been all my life and why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?
Have I said yet that Kangaroostaurant is a food truck that travels the Fox Valley serving delicious locally sourced foods prepared by awesome people? There I said it.You might ask yourself “how does a food truck survive Wisconsin winters?”  Proving the nay sayers wrong was exactly what the Barnes family set out do and they do it by letting you call in your orders either ahead or from the comfort of your parked car and then car hopping your food to you when it’s ready.  On the day I decided to finally give them a try, they were parked out by Thrivent Bank off of Ballard and it was a really gross and snowy day so I called ahead and told them what time I’d be there.  I’ve never encountered such a limited menu that was so hard to choose from.  I even wanted to try their vegetarian options they sounded so good.  When I got there, I was happy to find that they comped me my fries just for braving the weather!
So I pre-ordered up some shredded beef with a locally made BBQ sauce and some sweet potato fries paired with Appleton’s Farmers Market’s very own Hippy Wayne’s Curry Ketchup.  Both of my items were excellent.  I wanted to dump that ketchup right over the top of a chicken breast and call it a day.  The Barnes family obviously has a love for and knowledge of well-prepared food–you can see it in their creative menu items and read about how they are constantly working on new ideas in their blog.  They do seem to follow a pattern of sorts: they almost always have a main event, a soup, gourmet grilled cheeses, desserts, and a vegetarian option.  The Royales (burgers), The Nate, and two types of fries have also been constants on each menu.  I should briefly mention too that the truck also caters to the Lentally challenged on Fridays with various fish dishes.  I say, skip the stuffy Fish dinners on Friday nights and get outside for a picnic.

So I’ll be the first to admit I jumped on the bandwagon with this thing.  Yes, food trucks are really trendy right now.  Yes, it is also trendy to eat locally, but I really don’t see how either of these trends are a losing situation.  You get great food, you get to support local farmers, you get to hang out with your community, and you get a little bit of the thrill of the chase.  AND if you don’t care for the food this week, just wait until next week and it’ll be something completely different.  Judging from what I’ve had and what I’ve heard friends say, you know that whatever you order will be fantastic.  Now if I could just convince them to park right outside work so I get my fix during my too short lunch breaks.

Value 8.876  (portions are huge and the dog thanks you for that)   …..Ambience (varies) ….Service 9.453


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