Port Sandy Bay: Two Rivers, WI

Image(Her) Having grown up in the Manitowoc and Green Bay area, this was not my first visit to Port Sandy Bay.  I fondly remember ordering mass amounts of pizza and pitchers of soda with my family and they can definitely accommodate large groups.  They are known for their Sno-coaster pizzas served on an old-school round metal sled. I’m sure there are people out there old enough to remember zooming down hills on those slick things.  I must admit that when I was 5 years old and had a butt small enough to fit on a snow coaster that the pizza size was more impressive, but I’ve seen pizzas to rival it since then. As I write,  I am now learning through the wonderful world of Google that the sno-coaster was an aluminum sled manufactured in the 50’s by Mirro, a Manitowoc company.  You nerds can read about it’s Cold War connections on this link.

Anyway, the pizza is good, one of the better ones I’ve had.  I’ve heard that they make everything including the sausage from scratch, but that may be urban legend as it appears that they have no website and no social networking to back it up.  The crust is super thin and had great bubbles in it (which my hubby usually raves about so don’t let him downplay it) and has a good charred tasting crunch that is impressive considering the amount of toppings.  My only criticism is that I prefer my mozzarella to be a little on the saltier side.

OK, as I write this portion I’ve decided to call them up and see what The Port has to say about the above allegations, they aren’t open so I’m calling my mother. My mother still hasn’t bothered to get her phone fixed, so I’m calling an aunt because my grandparents are in bed.  SHE says my grandparents talked about going there when they were younger and that’s all she knows and don’t call them because they are sleeping. (my grandparents-not The Port)
I found a picture that says they were established in 1947 which explains the old high school pictures on the wall and is good enough for me.  If a place has been around for sixty five years then I don’t care what the hubby says.  They have good pizza, and he’s mad at me because I don’t share the love of his beloved Tony and Maria’s in Beloit.  No one died and made him the pizza critic!   You should just trust me, and go for yourselves when you’re in the Manitowoc area.  Actually, go when you are in the Two Rivers area because if you are in Manty then you should be at Late’s getting cheese curds.

*weird side note: while looking for a picture to post, the first one to pop up in an image search has a man who looks like (and turns out to be) my granduncle Bill.  I’m not sure what this means other than at least those people in that picture agree that they make a good pie and you may as well not even bother to read the hubby’s bitter review.
Value 7…..Food 8.921….Ambience 7.35…..Service 6.89

(Him) Port Sandy Bay huh? Early on in the budding romance, the future wifey gushed over this place. Wanting to woo her I agreed to take the long journey from Oshkosh to Two Rivers just for a pie. Had it,don’t remember it  so it must have been middle of the road pizza or less. Flash forward 10 years and we are in the neighborhood so I agree to take the plunge again. It’s a happening spot on arrival as the banquet hall is packed to the rafters and the bar has a decent amount of locals and state park visitors. There’s a game room that immediately catches my eye. I’d say 18 or so games but all of the luck variety save a few mutated skee ball games. I’m usually a sucker for bright flashing lights and the chance to win worthless amounts of tickets but there was nothing calling me. So we plunked down to the bar and I ordered up a Baumeister Cherry Soda. I was enamored with the Point Beer “Beer Tapper” as it was shaped as some odd looking fellow with a pointed head. I was fixated on this most of time there. Various children sauntered up to the bar turning in massive amount of tickets for tiny monkeys, Twizzlers ,Lick em Sticks and the like. Still I was fixated on the Point beer tapper. If tickets would have won this tapper I would have been gaming all night. Let’s forget the precious beer tapper and move to the food I guess….precious beer tapper….precious beer tapper……
The pizza was a thin crust type. The edge pieces were crispy however lacked any type of flavor. Out came the red pepper flakes as I made my way around the edges. I was not negative Larry and said a good thing about the pizza to the weary wife. “Well geez honey, this cheese sure stays on the slices when you pull them apart” says I. That’s about all I could muster up for my wife’s misguided favorite pizza. I will say the 2 middle inside pieces were a little bit better as they contained more sauce…so there……….precious beer tapper. The pizza reminded me of a better tasting ROMA frozen pizza with more toppings.

Rating…..Pizza 4.8 (inside slices 5.2). Game Room 2.96   Beer Tapper……guess


4 responses to “Port Sandy Bay: Two Rivers, WI

  1. Cory you forgot to mention the old guy who used to do coin tricks for us kids by the kitchen.
    Maybe the pizza is more awesome when it brings back fond memories?

  2. that was big hang out in early 60,s great food & great folks that ran the place everyone called them Mom & Pop or ma & Pa they were Italian , Pa ran the batr area & Ma did all the cooking, great memories.

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