Birmingham’s: Sturgeon Bay, WI

(Her) I’m beginning to think that we are jinxed when it comes to burgers and recommendations.    When a friend recommends a restaurant and tells you it’s one of the best burgers they’ve ever had in their lives–walk away.  Because we were specifically coming here on the aforementioned burger endorsements, the entire table (minus the vegetarians) ordered the burger in some fashion or another.  I wish we got the burger in the photo.  What we got was basically, a lightly squashed meatball that was so undercooked it was cold in the center placed on some wonder bread that quickly turned to goo once the pink juices started flowing from the meat.  The burger was so small, the bread overwhelmed it.  The whole experience  reminded me of when you were a kid and you REALLY wanted a McDonald’s hamburger and your mother says to you in her mothery voice “we can make the same thing at home”.  I’m not sure what was wrong with the cook that day, maybe it was wrong to show up on a Friday expecting burgers and not fish.  I believe the many reviews out there that say the burgers are good and “amazing” but I don’t think we’ll be giving them a chance to redeem themselves as my hubby can be pretty unforgiving.

Value……7  Ambience…..7 (very typical Wisconsin)  Food……3

This is foggy memory here. Nothing sticks out as being good or tasty. The only redeeming thing about this place was the late 70’s Pinball machine. Lots of play for a quarter. So overpay for a tiny meatball burger on white bread and get your money’s worth in pinball. I really got nothing else to say. No need to go here or think about it.






4 responses to “Birmingham’s: Sturgeon Bay, WI

  1. I’ve played that pinball machine many a time… Is it still the one with an Elton John look-a-like and the spinning-wheel thing in the middle?

    When I was a kid, my Dad would take the “Green Bay” route along CR-B up to our cottage in Ephraim all the time. We would stop regularly at Birmingham’s. I got the burger a few times, but eventually I realized the Wonderbread-style sucked, so I moved on to the frog’s legs.

    It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve taken the “Green Bay” route, as I now have a family of my own and want to get to our cottage in Egg Harbor as soon as I can, so I can get my kids in bed and finally relax with a cocktail, but Birmingham’s will always remain in my mind as a good… no, great, memory… Asking for quarters from my Dad so I can play the pinball machine, and impatiently waiting to finally be seated so I can chow down on those sweet-ass frog’s legs. The burger sucks, I’ll admit it; however, the ambiance of a road-side “supper club” cannot be denied.

    There’s a place almost literally across the street that I cannot name because we never went, and I never cared. I always looked forward to our stop at Birmigham’s. Again, the burgers suck, but seriously, try the frog’s legs.

    Birmingham’s is a Door County institution imho. Just like Husby’s or the Sister Bay Bowl or the Bayside Tavern are institutions of DC, so is Birmingham’s. You just have to grow up, and reminisce, to realize how sweet these places are.

    Door County is very fickle… places come and go… The places that stick around are the ones worth checking out. Birmingham’s has been around for at least 30 years (at least according to me).

    I’m taking my 7, 4 and 1.5-year-old to Birmingham’s next time we’re up. Time to introduce them to frog’s legs, and take the slow-ass route along the Bay 😉

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