Walker’s Family Restaurant: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

(Her) Since this is a place we’ve been to twice in a 3 day span, we thought it appropriate to say a few words.  Walker’s is nicely situated between our house and South Beloit so it’s a good stop on our way to the In-Laws’ house.  It’s also a good place to take the In-Laws if your car breaks down and they have to drive you part way home to meet your parents who are picking you up and taking you the rest of the way and everyone involved seems to lack taste buds and rather enjoys eating a lot of food for cheap instead.  My generalized point therefore is:  all parental units seem to like family style dining.

When you first arrive, you may think that they get their name for the preferred mode of transportation of their clientele, but one look at the bakery case right up front and you’ll soon realize why people love it.  It’s one of those places that you know you’re going to get a good cup of soup, a good slice of pie and some home-style cooking.  Walker’s is actually part of the Emma Krumbee’s chain and the only one not named after Emma.  Emma’s has only 5 locations: 3 in Minnesota and one in Wausau, Wisconsin.   Emma’s is sort of a Machine Shed restaurant priding themselves in taking “no shortcuts” and making things from scratch.

I have ordered all kinds of things from the menu but I guess my favorite is any of their desserts.  Whenever I eat there I always wonder to myself why I didn’t just skip the meal and go straight for the good stuff.  Besides cream puffs, cookies, muffins, and all things ice cream, they also have any kind of pie you could imagine and a raisin sour cream pie that I’ve never even heard of.  (It was delicious by the way, and you just know that’s a recipe that’s been around since Jesus was a boy.)
If you are looki6290dd55-5754-4eee-82e9-2585f2557e2fng for something avant garde, you can stay away from Walker’s.  The craziest they get is putting some ham and cheese on an apple bread.  However, if you’re looking for made from scratch home-style cooking then definitely stop and check them out.  Just make sure you either save room for dessert or bring some home with you.
Ambience…..7.8 (go through the gate, down the stairs and use the bathrooms down there.  I swear to God you will think you have stepped right back into the 60’s) Value…..7.54    Service….5 (sometime you get a good waitress, sometimes you don’t….the elderly regulars seem to always get their needs met before others.  I’ll save my comments about squeaky wheels)

(Him) Walker’s how do I love thee….let me count the ways. OK  it’s just one way but I take my time. I savor the food here and chew like a human instead of well– what I normally do with food. We passed Walker’s the other day and we didn’t stop and my heart wept for brief moment. The wife indicates this a chain but if it’s a chain then it’s the Prince Albert of chains.  It tastes homemade here.  It feels homemade here.  It feels like 1972 or something here.  Almost feels like they are still using greases and products outlawed by the FDA some time ago but they keep serving you that goodness.  The adjoining hotel smells like pee although it has one of the coolest old school bars that I’ve ever seen. They have a dangerous first step that sent my mom sprawling. They have a counter seating eating area where Ethiopians would feel it’s a tight fit. They have a bakery case displaying some delicious looking products. They have a woman with large hair ringing ya up sometimes. She feigns empathy when they are out of cream puffs and you moan like a martyr. They also have the best damn hot beef sandwich and mashed potatoes platter I’ve ever done had. I’ve had breakfast there once, don’t remember it. The Ham and cheese on an apple fritter bread was tast, but the back to back Hot Beef Sandwiches sealed the deal.
Value = 8.4 (little less due to the high price of bakery products)  Food 8.96 (would be higher If I could remember or care to remember the breakfast I ate there)  Smell =  Range from a standard 7 to a negative 0.676. Now every place basically smells a standard 7, however if you get seating in the back, the smell factor can go up. You can’t smell the pee hotel per say through the adjoining set of double doors but you know it’s there .  Sometimes that’s enough.


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