Masa: Minneapolis, Minnesota

(Him) Well this was a unexpected choice of restaurant while visiting the big city but I sure are glad we ended up here. Being country mice and all, I would have never have figured we’d plop our tails into this fancy establishment. I’m sure the wife will give you the full lowdown on how we got here but I’ll just jump into the review……
Figuring the location in downtown Minneapolis you’d figure they would have made this more of a recognizable or memorable storefront as I’m sure they have hella rent to pay. But alas poor Yorick, if you blink you might miss it despite it’s many picture windows. We did not have reservations and they were needed, however since we got there early enough and looking like dazed eyes tourists they welcomed us into the fold…or perhaps they saw my stomach of some girth and decided it would be huge sale day and welcomed us with open arms. It was fancy schmancy, well as hoity toity as faux Mexican restaurant can get I suppose. ( Are you impressed that I busted out fancy schmancy and hoity toity in the same sentence yo! ?)
I never realize or pay attention to décor but this place was white. Like the pearly gates white, everywhere was white so if you are a spiller you will be outed here for sure. Evidence of your clumsiness will show, so be especially careful while eating here. I started off with a girly drink drunk…some beverage called a Bellini. I only ordered it because I am a sucker for all things Blood Orange which this contained in spades. At 8 American dollars I should have been appalled at the price however this concoction of Champaign and blood orange puree went down smooth. So smooth that I ordered a second one for good measure.  They offered free chips and salsa which was unexpected for such a high class joint. The green salsa tasted green and fresh but I’m not sure I’m into green and fresh, so I can’t give it high marks. The red salsa was probably some chipotle concoction and that was freakin outstanding. MORE PLEASE! So I ate a lot of that.
I am not sure of the name of the entre that I ordered but it was mostly awesome. It was a filet of slow roasted pork shoulder covered in a mole sauce. I’m not sure which was better, the perfectly cooked pork or that sauce….that sauce…….oh that sauce. In hindsight it was probably the sauce. It was cooked or served? on a banana husk or some type of husk. I have no opinion on that or if it was a presentation thing or what.  The dish also had fried pineapples that were a perfect compliment to the pork. The only complaint I had was the refried black beans were inedible. They were cold and bland. Oh well, no one is perfect.
We also shared 3 deserts here….Tres Leches cake, Buttery caramel crepes and churros with Mexican chocolate. WOW! Each bite better than the next. This was a food orgasm for sure and pretty sure I was making an O face while eating them. I cannot highly recommend these items enough. All in all I would go back to this place in a heartbeat.
Value…..6.2……I suppose for downtown Minneapolis dinner for 4 at $150 with tip is decent but I have nothing to base it on. Food…….8.38 (this could have been higher if I would have entered on a good bean day)  The caution factor 2.71……Lose the white, It’s hard to enjoy the eats while you be worried about the white.


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