Lindo Michoacan Mexican: Appleton, Wi

(Him)  There’s a place . It’s in a strip mall in Appleton Wisconsin.  It’s a queer place because  every Mexican restaurant that goes in here is flippin magic. …..hence the  arrival of a new joint that replaced my favorite joint which is now at another location selling out and selling big on the Avenue. This place has tacos and that is what they are known for…a taco joint including Pork Belly tacos…first time with the belly and they was the shit yo. They have promotions like Taco Tuesday and for a buck you get a taco and the love they usually craft with isn’t there, but more of a push to get out the door..hence Pork Belly dollar Tuesday tacos is not as good as other Pork Belly tacos on other days. It’s ok, I gave them another go on a Thursday and finally for once in my life I grow some balls and order a Torta because I’ve always wanted a torta. Well go figure I order a Torta on Torta Thursday, a promotion night which would leave me to believe its not a loved Torta just a push out the door Torta and I’m OK with it. It’s my first Torta and it’s FANTASTIC. Perhaps If I was to order a Torta on any other night than the promotional night It will be even better. So I’m 66% on this place. 2 for 3. That’s Bill Madlock type hit skills circa 1981. Bill Madlock was fat 3rd baseman and I’m sure he ate a Torta cuz the dude looked like he ate everything in Pittsburgh. I even had a side taco tonight. It’s great. The chips and bean dip is great. Don’t be cheap…eat here and order anything not on sale and you’ll be happy as a clam.
Lindo Michoacan Mexican is the hip pie Daddy-O@! Get here………..NOW……………………….

(Her) Contrary to my husband’s popular belief, Lindo Michoacán is not new. They used to be located on College Avenue and were part night club, part taco joint.  Now they are located in the old Antojitos Mexicanos spot on Richmond. When we stumbled upon Antojitos, we loved that it was a little known joint inside of a strip mall and it was quaint. Since then, it has moved to College Avenue and I just think it’s lost that lovin’ feeling for us. The move to College Avenue came with an menu overhaul that leans more towards upscale Mexican fusion. Still great food, but not for us on a Thursday night.

Now, if you want authentic Mexican tortas, caldos, or tacos we think that Lindo Michoacán  is the place to go. There are at seven different styles of caldos (stews) and ten different meats to choose from for tacos including two different types of pork, chicken, and steak along with some traditional flavors like barbacoa (goat), cow’s brain, and tongue.  You can even order these meats in their chimis or gorditas if you’d like. If you are feeling adventurous go on Taco Tuesday and you can try every taco you want for a buck a piece. If you are only feeling mildly adventurous at least give the barbacoa or lengua a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed in their flavors.  All of the other  nightly specials are amazing deals and it’ll feel like you’ve discovered Appleton’s best kept secret.  I will agree with my husband that the amount of meat seemed a little lighter on Tuesdays, but I really don’t fault them for that. The meat is cut very small and fried up crispy and I thought all of it was perfectly prepared.  It was a great way to try some different flavors.  I admire that they don’t cater to us squeamish Americans and leave traditional flavors on the menu. Their tortillas are hand made daily and because of this, they make amazingly good chips that appeared to be fried to order.  Even the salsa and bean dip accompaniments that are usually an afterthought at most places were delicious here.   We’ve been here three times now, we’ve never been disappointed,  and will definitely be back.


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