Butcher Block Meats & Cheese: Oshkosh, WI

bbmac(Her) Just walked in the door with my bag of cheese and charcuterie after finally stopping at Butcher Block Meats & Cheese in Oshkosh and was more than happily greeted by the dog who must have thought she hit the jackpot.  As I munched on a beef stick on the way home, I decided I’d help a brother out and blog about the experience. Continue reading


Stone Cellar (revisited):Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her)  I’ll be honest, Stone Cellar wasn’t my first choice for our New Year’s Eve dinner.  In fact, I really wanted Sai Ram’s Indian food  and was pretty disappointed we weren’t going.  For practical reasons however, we decided that since we were seeing a show at Skyline Comedy Club located in the very same building as Stone Cellar and since we would be pressed for time, it would make more sense to eat at the Stone Cellar.  I can’t argue with practicality. Continue reading

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) I feel slightly guilty for waiting this long to pay homage to one of our favorite restaurants ever.  We have after all, traveled through snow storms from Oshkosh to get there, and one of the happiest moments about buying our house in Kimberly was it’s proximity to Sai Ram.  I would venture to say that we have been frequenting this restaurant almost as long as we’ve been together (ten years).  And let me clarify that when I say “frequent” I mean multiple times in one week.  Continue reading

Rockton Inn, Rockton, Illinois

(Her) I recently found myself at the Rockton Inn thanks to a comedy event that the darling hubby had put together.  While I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner there, I did get to peruse the menu and try a few appetizers and now I really wish I had eaten there. (If I have my way, we will be back and we will be hungrier) Continue reading

Mark’s East Side-The new addition edition

(Her) Back at Mark’s East Side with Chris (the guy) and Kris (the girl) and their son, Not Chris because the hubby has a no peeking gift certificate that can bring you anywhere from $5 to $50 towards your meal. Also, because the last few places we have been have been so lackluster and un-blog worthy that we need to go somewhere where the odds of a good meal are better. Continue reading

Union Hotel in De Pere, Wisconsin

(Him) Swank or Old, that is the question.  I’m going with Old that gives off an odor of Swank.  Little rooms in a brick building that thrived as a culture center in the early 1900s, 100 years later  we now venture here for the wife’s birthday dinner.  Continue reading

Mark’s East Side Dining & Cocktails in Appleton, WI

(Him)  Wow! Finally a swanky joint to write home about. We attempted to eat here a couple of weeks ago however, the wait  was almost 2 hours and I had no patience  so we jetted for um, greener pastures (read the Sky view Club review).  So we attempted it again, and I donned the brown hat once again as I attempted to find supper club nirvana.  Continue reading