Parker John’s BBQ & Pizza: Kiel, Wisconsin

(Her) If you are looking for a really nice article on the genesis of Parker John’s and it’s owners other ventures, you can read one from Sheboygan Press. If you are looking for a chubby girl’s honest opinion with a little less hyperbole and a whole lot of sarcasm….you came to the right place! Continue reading


The 5th Quarter: Little Chute, Wisconsin

(Him)  Let’s talk about the good stuff first, and that is pizza sauce even though we didn’t indulge on pizza for this visit.  I will say this was the saving grace of our recent visit, and its use this time was as a condiment for greasy cheese curds.  Whatever they do to the sauce to make it so thick and delicious and flavorful, they need to keep doing it.  This sauce is probably the best I’ve tasted in the valley.  We arrived thrust into the tradition of the Friday night fish fry and it appeared that there was only one waitress working about 35 tables so needless to say that the service was painfully slow.  We ordered curds as an appetizer and even though I said they were greasy they were a tasty treat.  These curds were a nice departure from the standard frozen off-the-Sysco-truck fare that most places serve.  I ordered a turkey bacon club sandwich that bordered on inedible.  The “toast” was as crunchy as a crouton on the top and as soggy and wet like a pancake on the bottom.  It’s hard to eat such a bipolar sandwich.  The cheese on the sandwich was so thin that you could actually see through it.  Even if the sandwich was tasty, I would have felt the lack of ingredients was not reflected in the price. On a side note, the crowd enjoyed the Brewers game and made it fun to watch so I would suggest this place if you want to watch a sporting event and eat greasy curds.  I’ve eaten here two times and the standard seems to be good apps, bad entrees.

Sauce…..10 out of 9   Television per human ratio………pretty darn good    returnability…….4.75

(Her) The 5th quarter is close to our home and I was so sick of our “where do you wanna go? I don’t know where do you wanna go?” argument that I chose it out of exasperation. I was sort of hoping to get pizza here since my darling hubby gave up pizza for lent and I subsequently have not had it either.  It’s funny how someone can rave about pizza sauce and then order a turkey club and be disappointed. I immediately helped myself to some popcorn from the Valley Popcorn machine so I wasn’t all that worried about how slow the service was because I f@#$ing  LOVE Valley Popcorn.  I wasn’t too fond of the limp and greasy cheese curds and actually thought that for a moment they had brought clam strips out. They do come on a bed of fries to help soak up the grease though so you feel like you are getting a good deal on those curds.  I ordered a perch sandwich and a cup of clam chowder.  The perch was great, I had the option to have it breaded or beer battered.  I should have skipped the sandwich and the clam chowder was unique and more of a rich bisque therefore, some of the best I’ve had in the valley. I liked the fact that there were multiple side options including veggies and dip.  I wish more places did this.   I did feel bad for the poor waitress who was trying to keep up and even though the service was slow, she did manage to bring us plenty of drink refills.  What restaurant doesn’t know that they should have extra help on a Friday night?  I will say that watching the Brewer game here was fun.  The crowd was a bit older and really intensely focused on this game and it reminded me of what sports was like before my husband killed that too.  Alas, I will probably never be back to taste their pizza and watch their many televisions. Perhaps I will have to take a friend.
Value….6.99 for a perch sandwich with two butterflies of perch and that included a cup of soup. I’d say that’s pretty darn good on a Friday night.  Service….Understandably slow, but you could tell the poor girl was trying.  Popcorn…..TEN

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Dominos kills the Light

(Him)  I was 4 and half beers in last night. I was not drunk but I should have been entering flavor country. When the wife casually suggested Domino’s Pizza I eagerly accepted.

A Damn Fool I tells you.
Forgive my rant.

Domino’s you showed a lot of promise with your sauce changes and commitment to excellence campaign you started in the last couple of years. I would even go so far to say the new sauce was delicious. WHAT happened last night huh?  What was the heavily garlic seasoned, barely a lick of sauce, garbage I got last night? It was disgusting. So your pizzas now come coated in a thick layer of garlic seasoning? You get a prize if you see any sauce on your pizza at all ?You will not get another cent from me ever again!!!! I work hard for the money I earn and what you served last night was a travesty.

That is all.
I Feel dirty
It’s 6:42 on a Sunday Morning.

(Her) Dear Domino’s.  Do you have any idea what it is like to live with a picky eater? I thought your pizza was ok.  Then again, I would have been happy with a Hot and Ready from Little Caesar’s, but we can’t go there because the hubby feels they are sub par.  When I want pizza, usually any combination of sauce, bread, and cheese will do so what do I know? Anyway, this time the crust was actually better than the rest of the pizza.  It was nice and crunchy with a nice amount of seasoning on it.  The pizza was delivered hotter than any delivery I’ve had.  However, thanks to you and your heavy handedness with the aforementioned seasoning (read as “garlic”) I won’t be able to order from you again unless the hubby is away and I’m flying solo.  Do you know how few places we can eat because of his bad experiences? I can only hope that Jet’s Pizza doesn’t screw it up one day….it would be devastating for him. I don’t know if he could live through it.

Boston Haikus

We recently went to Boston. The food was fair to great. Here are a few Haiku s on His eating experiences there.

Scratch Kitchen – Salem MA

Promise Exquisite
Where was the flavor you cad
Liar Expensive

Santarpios Pizza – East Boston
Southy Accent Yeah
Bust Balls my pizza maker
Fresh Fresh and Tasty

Regina Pizza – Boston
Perhaps right oven
at original location
better represents

Mehak – East Boston
Pushy Indian
Force the Chicken when nan calls
Tandori hot blah

Mikes Pastry – Boston
Good Vibe downtown spot
Peanut Butter Brownie Score
Ate while drunk later



Embassy Suites – Boston Airport
Breakfast Nirvana
buffet bonanza each day
choices galore

Port Sandy Bay: Two Rivers, WI

Image(Her) Having grown up in the Manitowoc and Green Bay area, this was not my first visit to Port Sandy Bay.  I fondly remember ordering mass amounts of pizza and pitchers of soda with my family and they can definitely accommodate large groups.  They are known for their Sno-coaster pizzas served on an old-school round metal sled. I’m sure there are people out there old enough to remember zooming down hills on those slick things.  Continue reading

Kamps Bar and Grill

(Him) Kamps is in my neighborhood and I’m thankful for that. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood and passed the joint on many occasions. They have massive covered courts for the game of Horseshoes and there would always be people out there pitching the shoes and clanking off the poles.I just wanted to go there and hang out. It’s the ultimate neighborhood bar tucked away in Combined Locks WI. Continue reading