Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern : Monroe, Wisconsin

Image(Her) The hubby and I ventured down to the In-Laws this weekend and met his dad and gal pal at Baumgartner’s in Monroe.  Being situated in the heart of Cheeseland, USA in a city that not only hosts the Cheese Days Festival every other year but also is the only city left in America to continue to make Limburger cheese sets the bar kinda high.  Continue reading


Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli: Milwaukee, WI

(Her) I ventured out by myself into the big city of Milwaukee again and before I left home I quickly googled “lunch Milwaukee” to see if there was anything interesting.   Koppa’s FulBeli Deli located on Milwaukee’s East Side stood out for some reason….people were raving about how they crave their sandwiches and eat there once a week, etc.  More than just a cute name, the place prides itself in kitsch and I imagine that if you aren’t old enough to remember old neighborhood grocery stores like this used to be everywhere, then you’d probably think it was even cooler.  Continue reading