JD’s Drive In: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) Today I was coming home from a trip to Jacob’s Meat Market (which deserves it’s own review)  the dog merrily chewing on her pig ear in the backseat and I came across a place that I have never noticed before. Continue reading


The Diner Appleton, Wisconsin

(Him) What can you say about a joint just called “Diner”. No need for fancy names or affiliation with someone special or significant, just DINER.  With a name like that you better have memorable food or be in a place of great convenience. This place had both qualifications.  Nothing noteworthy upon entry. You could see booths , tables and the belly up counter.  The special of the day was a chicken tender sandwich which they proudly displayed (it was real and probably sitting there for hours) and it still looked delicious. Continue reading