Mai’s Deli: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) I finally got a chance to visit this place which I’ve been curious about for awhile now.   Since my initial visit, I’ve been to Mai’s about 5 times and talked it up to people probably more times than I’ve visited.  Continue reading


Sai Ram Indian Cuisine: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) I feel slightly guilty for waiting this long to pay homage to one of our favorite restaurants ever.  We have after all, traveled through snow storms from Oshkosh to get there, and one of the happiest moments about buying our house in Kimberly was it’s proximity to Sai Ram.  I would venture to say that we have been frequenting this restaurant almost as long as we’ve been together (ten years).  And let me clarify that when I say “frequent” I mean multiple times in one week.  Continue reading