Julie’s Cafe in Green Bay, WI

(Her) Went out to eat with the parental units this evening and they took me to Julie’s Cafe.  Julie’s is one of those places like Mary’s in Appleton or La Sure’s in Oshkosh; it’s a family style, serving breakfast all day, been around forever kind of place.  I ordered the daily special which was a Super BLT only because I was interested in what made it so special and super and I don’t like egotistical sandwiches.  My parents ordered the other special–whitefish with crab stuffing.   I love fish, I love crab, it looked disgusting. Continue reading


JD’s Drive In: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) Today I was coming home from a trip to Jacob’s Meat Market (which deserves it’s own review)  the dog merrily chewing on her pig ear in the backseat and I came across a place that I have never noticed before. Continue reading

Hollander’s Pub & Grill in Little Chute, Wisconsin

(Him) We ended up here by accident but it was a good accident not like a 4th child at age 39 kind of accident. The place was spacious and the help was friendly.  I decided to go for a personal pizza and was not disappointed.  The crust was thin and crackerish. They used a quality mozzarella that had that good dark brown color that is essential for a good pie.  That adds style points for sure. They also were not shy on the amount of cheese on top. The sauce was a little light in amount and flavor but the overall taste was great. Continue reading

Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) The Stone Cellar has many firsts to boast about.  They are the oldest brewpub in Wisconsin and have the oldest beer garden in Appleton.  The Stone Cellar is located “between the locks” ( a gorgeous historic area of Appleton)  in a building over 150 years old that was the first brewery in Outagamie County.  They even have a resident ghost, “Charlie” so that gives them some street cred with me. Continue reading

Beefeaters British Grille & Ale House in Appleton, Wisconsin : The Boss pays for lunch

(Him)  Started a new job on Monday and was treated to lunch by my new boss to celebrate my arrival. So at the last moment my boss changed her mind from El Azteca to Beefeaters and away we went.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of items offered on the menu, and the price ranged from affordable to über expensive.   Continue reading