Dick’s Drive-In, Kaukauna, WI

(Her) This is not the first time we’ve been to Dick’s Drive-In, and that’s why it deserves a blog.  For most of you reading this, Dick’s is not readily accessible.  It’s not conveniently located off a major highway. It’s in Kaukauna off the beaten path for most of you and let’s face it– there are few reasons for you to go to Kaukauna.  That is what makes Dick’s feel more like a local establishment– sort of a hidden gem.  Continue reading


JD’s Drive In: Appleton, Wisconsin

(Her) Today I was coming home from a trip to Jacob’s Meat Market (which deserves it’s own review)  the dog merrily chewing on her pig ear in the backseat and I came across a place that I have never noticed before. Continue reading