Zaffiro’s Pizza: N. Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Not too shabby

Established 1954
had pizza paper thin and cheese ravioli with meat sauce and meatballs
Not an onion to be seen
Sweet sauce abounds Continue reading


Dominos kills the Light

(Him)  I was 4 and half beers in last night. I was not drunk but I should have been entering flavor country. When the wife casually suggested Domino’s Pizza I eagerly accepted.

A Damn Fool I tells you.
Forgive my rant.

Domino’s you showed a lot of promise with your sauce changes and commitment to excellence campaign you started in the last couple of years. I would even go so far to say the new sauce was delicious. WHAT happened last night huh?  What was the heavily garlic seasoned, barely a lick of sauce, garbage I got last night? It was disgusting. So your pizzas now come coated in a thick layer of garlic seasoning? You get a prize if you see any sauce on your pizza at all ?You will not get another cent from me ever again!!!! I work hard for the money I earn and what you served last night was a travesty.

That is all.
I Feel dirty
It’s 6:42 on a Sunday Morning.

(Her) Dear Domino’s.  Do you have any idea what it is like to live with a picky eater? I thought your pizza was ok.  Then again, I would have been happy with a Hot and Ready from Little Caesar’s, but we can’t go there because the hubby feels they are sub par.  When I want pizza, usually any combination of sauce, bread, and cheese will do so what do I know? Anyway, this time the crust was actually better than the rest of the pizza.  It was nice and crunchy with a nice amount of seasoning on it.  The pizza was delivered hotter than any delivery I’ve had.  However, thanks to you and your heavy handedness with the aforementioned seasoning (read as “garlic”) I won’t be able to order from you again unless the hubby is away and I’m flying solo.  Do you know how few places we can eat because of his bad experiences? I can only hope that Jet’s Pizza doesn’t screw it up one day….it would be devastating for him. I don’t know if he could live through it.