Rockton Inn, Rockton, Illinois

(Her) I recently found myself at the Rockton Inn thanks to a comedy event that the darling hubby had put together.  While I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner there, I did get to peruse the menu and try a few appetizers and now I really wish I had eaten there. (If I have my way, we will be back and we will be hungrier) Continue reading


Missouri Vacation

(Her) We take to the open road and bring the niece along with us for a road trip to Missouri under the guise that we are going to teach her about the Civil War.  This year marks the 150th anniversary of the war, and one of our destinations was a reenactment so it was legit.  Continue reading

Beef a Roo in South Beloit, Illinois

(Her) We haven’t really been anywhere of merit as of late.  Hot weather doesn’t really make me feel like eating, but we were recently in Beloit and this is one place we will frequent on our drive out of town.  The restaurant was started in Rockford, Illinois over 40 years ago and I really don’t know why they didn’t make it further out in the food-o-sphere than they did.  After all those years they only have 8 locations so if you’re near Beloit or Rockford you should at least try to check one out.  Greg’s probably a much better judge on their food since he’s grown up with it.  Me–I love their cheese fries and their roast beef.  When you think of their roast beef sandwiches think of Arbys only highly seasoned and au jus-y (you can pronounce that “aw-juicy”) .  So they are like Arby’s–only good. Continue reading

Taco Loco #2 in South Beloit, IL

:  I have no idea where Taco Loco #1 is located or if it even exists, and I have  never been inside Taco Loco #2.  I’ve driven past it many times on the way to my in-laws house down the road.  It’s located on Shirland Avenue which is the state line that runs through Beloit and South Beloit.  It’s located next to an equally scary looking Mexican grocery store and the whole area is all liquor stores and barracks style houses–a tad seedy.  Continue reading