Port Sandy Bay: Two Rivers, WI

Image(Her) Having grown up in the Manitowoc and Green Bay area, this was not my first visit to Port Sandy Bay.  I fondly remember ordering mass amounts of pizza and pitchers of soda with my family and they can definitely accommodate large groups.  They are known for their Sno-coaster pizzas served on an old-school round metal sled. I’m sure there are people out there old enough to remember zooming down hills on those slick things.  Continue reading


Charlie’s Drive In: Hortonville, Wisconsin

Image(Her) We have driven past Charlie’s Drive In a few times and it always seemed to be at the wrong times seasonally speaking.  So when we heard we were going to be in Hortonville for a show we thought about them right away.  We decided to sit outside and got immediate service from the Charlie’s man himself-Carl Mann who also happens to be Charlie’s son.  Carl was outgoing and friendly and brought us some reading material and some menus so that we could really appreciate the place’s history ourselves. Continue reading

Where’s the Beef?

(Him) Feb 21st was along time ago and that was the last time I had beef (knowingly). I miss my friend the cow and the wonderful selections of meat it offers. Never one with a good willpower I decided to give up the delicious hoofed morsel for Lent. It’s been hard folks, really hard. So as the day after Easter approaches I reflect on the one cow item I miss most….The Hamburger.I give you a list of the 5 greatest burgers known to me. You’ll probably disagree or agree or have no idea what I’m talking about but I gots to let it out. So here they are………. Continue reading