Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli: Milwaukee, WI

(Her) I ventured out by myself into the big city of Milwaukee again and before I left home I quickly googled “lunch Milwaukee” to see if there was anything interesting.   Koppa’s FulBeli Deli located on Milwaukee’s East Side stood out for some reason….people were raving about how they crave their sandwiches and eat there once a week, etc.  More than just a cute name, the place prides itself in kitsch and I imagine that if you aren’t old enough to remember old neighborhood grocery stores like this used to be everywhere, then you’d probably think it was even cooler.  Continue reading


Beef a Roo in South Beloit, Illinois

(Her) We haven’t really been anywhere of merit as of late.  Hot weather doesn’t really make me feel like eating, but we were recently in Beloit and this is one place we will frequent on our drive out of town.  The restaurant was started in Rockford, Illinois over 40 years ago and I really don’t know why they didn’t make it further out in the food-o-sphere than they did.  After all those years they only have 8 locations so if you’re near Beloit or Rockford you should at least try to check one out.  Greg’s probably a much better judge on their food since he’s grown up with it.  Me–I love their cheese fries and their roast beef.  When you think of their roast beef sandwiches think of Arbys only highly seasoned and au jus-y (you can pronounce that “aw-juicy”) .  So they are like Arby’s–only good. Continue reading