The Colorado Rockies: Coors Field Denver, Colorado

(Her)  There are only two reasons why I go to baseball games. 

  1. I love my husband and he loves baseball.
  2. The food, fans, and culture.

Whenever we go on vacation, part of the trip is planned around seeing a major league baseball game.  I honestly don’t care for baseball, but I do love seeing what each ballpark has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong, I have an affinity for the Brewers, but it’s because they are familiar to me.  You start to assume that baseball IS Bob Uecker, beer, hotdogs, sausage races and seventh inning polkas.  It’s hard to go to someone else’s city and root for anyone.  Like the food that they serve, baseball games are a great place to quickly learn about the city’s culture and the people that live there. Continue reading


Mark’s East Side Dining & Cocktails in Appleton, WI

(Him)  Wow! Finally a swanky joint to write home about. We attempted to eat here a couple of weeks ago however, the wait  was almost 2 hours and I had no patience  so we jetted for um, greener pastures (read the Sky view Club review).  So we attempted it again, and I donned the brown hat once again as I attempted to find supper club nirvana.  Continue reading