What we put in our mouth down South. Haikus by Him.

We are about to embark on a mini whirlwind vacation to the Twin Cities and as we start our food adventure it reminded me that we have not blogged in such a long time.  I found this gem in the draft pile.  These were written by my infrequently contributing husband and I think it’s a fun read without my interpretations, but I did add some pictures.  P.s The trip was a long driving trip as usual but this time our dog joined us.


We recently went down south. The food was fair to great. Here are a few Haikus on the eating experiences there.

Taqueria Los Comales     East Chicago Indiana
order two tacos
qué fat man must mean five
five tacos so good

Steak and Shake (chain) Clarksville IN
OlDSCN4480d Friend I miss You
Tasty Steakburger Oh Yeah!
Come Back up North please

Moby Dick   Bardstown KY
Fried Bologna Samwich
greasy artery clogger
I’d do it again

Kennys Corner Somewhere on the KY/TN Border

DSCN4550Boiled Peanuts yuck
yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck
grow on you they do

American Legion Post 17 Gallatin TN

Best Pit Pork Ever
goes up for seconds here here
Best Pit Pork ever

Loveless Cafe   Nashville TNDSCN4596

Good not great biscuits
reputation proceeds them
DSCN4587Elvis ate here once

Jacks Bar-B-Que On Broadway Nashville TN


Darn tasty fixins
Lots of bark when asked Awesome
upper echelon

Pucketts Grocery and Restaurant


Way overated
so so burger but friendly
loose dog fights my dog

Hagy’s Catfish Hotel Shiloh TN

DSCN4736No Haiku on this place, my ham was too salty
but the Caramel Pie here was the greatest  thing I’ve ever tasted in my life
no exaggeration
Just seek it out for nirvana

Firehouse Subs (Chain) Chattanooga TN

Nothing special here
warm subs for south sub lovers
a means to an end

Nana and Pa’s Drive In  Fall Creek Falls TN

wanted to like it
food did not hold up its end
tiny roadside hut



Where’s the Beef?

(Him) Feb 21st was along time ago and that was the last time I had beef (knowingly). I miss my friend the cow and the wonderful selections of meat it offers. Never one with a good willpower I decided to give up the delicious hoofed morsel for Lent. It’s been hard folks, really hard. So as the day after Easter approaches I reflect on the one cow item I miss most….The Hamburger.I give you a list of the 5 greatest burgers known to me. You’ll probably disagree or agree or have no idea what I’m talking about but I gots to let it out. So here they are………. Continue reading