Mark’s East Side-The new addition edition

(Her) Back at Mark’s East Side with Chris (the guy) and Kris (the girl) and their son, Not Chris because the hubby has a no peeking gift certificate that can bring you anywhere from $5 to $50 towards your meal. Also, because the last few places we have been have been so lackluster and un-blog worthy that we need to go somewhere where the odds of a good meal are better. Continue reading


The Lox Club in Combined Locks, Wisconsin

(Her) My first impression of the Lox Club unfortunately, was the strong smell of bar disinfectant and old carpet as we walked in.  I’m not so shallow though as to go by first impressions and we we warmly greeted as we were sat by the bar and given menus.  A quick rundown of the history of this place tells us that it was started by a local Little Chute mill worker who dreamed of owning a supper club and is now being run by two of his children, Joe and Cindy.  We met Joe at the bar and he kept up with my hubby’s constant questions and we later got some glimpses of Cindy as the kitchen door swung open. Continue reading

Mark’s East Side Dining & Cocktails in Appleton, WI

(Him)  Wow! Finally a swanky joint to write home about. We attempted to eat here a couple of weeks ago however, the wait  was almost 2 hours and I had no patience  so we jetted for um, greener pastures (read the Sky view Club review).  So we attempted it again, and I donned the brown hat once again as I attempted to find supper club nirvana.  Continue reading

Foggy Memories: The Skyview Club in Kaukauna, WI

(Him) So I’ll go over some joints in Foggy Memories we’ve been to that will probably not see the likes of us again. I’ll try to give a honest review, but there’s a reason we won’t be going back so my memory may be a tad  jaded.
The first place we’ll discuss is The Skyview Club in Kaukauna, WI. We visited this place about 19 days ago or so.  I really had high hopes  for this place, as Cory was keen on it due to reviews she read.  Continue reading

Marty’s Place in Kimberly WI

(Him) Out first entry focuses on our hometown joint Marty’s Place. Marty’s is your traditional Wisconsin supper club. It sits across from the abandoned mill and I’m sure the mill closing has an adverse affect on the number of patrons attending on a Friday night. You enter into a very small dimly lit bar which uses a large mirror to trick you into believing it’s bigger than it is. The hostess did not seem very courteous and the main bartender was a matter of fact type of fellow. Continue reading