Mercado El Rey/Taco Loco: Milwaukee, WI

FlagLogo(Her)  I ventured out on  a solo trip and  decided to check out what is considered one of the best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee.  It just happens to be a taqueria called Taco Loco located inside Super Mercado El Rey.  I am specifically mentioning this because this wasn’t immediately obvious to me or my GPS.  Anyway, to those of you who read our blogs, I may have solved the mystery as to why the Taco Loco we love to visit in Beloit, Wi is actually called “Taco Loco #2.” Continue reading


Vacation Haikus

We recently returned from our trip to Colorado where we enjoyed a ballgame in Denver, hiked the sand dunes, went whitewater rafting and enjoyed all kinds of odd little roadside attractions. We usually plan out our meals on vacation, but this time we were staying in the middle of nowhere and a lot of our excursions took us off the beaten path. We learned that for a state that’s all about conservation, they sure don’t care if they waste food–their portions are often ridiculous.    I could have fed all the homeless in Denver with my leftovers. Continue reading