Ten O’ One Club: Green Bay, WI

(Her) Went to the Ten O’ One Club on a Friday night with the parental units minus one darling hubby.  Aptly named because of it’s location at 1001 Main Street in Green Bay, everyone seems to go for their perch. I  even saw the pastor and his wife were  perching there, but I must admit I’m a little perched out. Continue reading


Van Abels: Hollandtown, Wisconsin

(Her) There is no other place like Van Abels. Well, at least none that I know of.   They have been in the same location since 1848 and not many restaurants can say that. They operate sort of like a supper club.  You walk in and sit at the bar while you order and wait for a table to be prepared.  While you are at the bar make sure you ask them to mail a postcard for you–they will do this for free if you are using one of their postcards.  Continue reading